My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Scared Jiang Shuwan

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[Okay, I won’t advise you, you can do whatever you want.]

Zhong Nuannuan could understand Chi Yang’s anger completely. If someone were to treat Chi Yang like this, she would also get back at the other party via her own methods.

Although she had not thought about taking action on Zhong Qianqian so early, it was okay to let her suffer a little.

However, she knew that since Gu Mingzhe had appeared, that man would definitely get Zhong Qianqian out at any cost in order to become the grandson-in-law of the Nangong Family.

[However, I predict that Zhong Qianqian won’t stay inside for too long. If someone manages to get her out, don’t put her in again!]

[…Nuannuan, you seem to know something that even I don’t know]

Looking at this message, Zhong Nuannuan could almost imagine Big Brother Chi Yang with a face full of resentment.

[If Big Brother Chi Yang wants to know, I’ll tell you everything in the future.]

Very soon, she got a reply.

[Okay, I’m not in a rush, as long as you’ll share it with me eventually, it’s fine. I’m waiting for the day you tell me.]

As Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang were chatting, Jiang Shuwan’s phone call came in.

Looking at the name flashing silently on her cell phone, not only did Zhong Nuannuan not answer it, her fingers even typed quickly on the screen, creating a blue interface. Her fingers continued to fly around, and finally, a blue interface with a series of numbers on it flew straight to Jiang Shuwan’s name before dissapearing.

Jiang Shuwan, who was still in the hospital and unable to move, received a text message from Wu Wenqian. After learning that her Qianqian had been harmed by that wretched Zhong Nuannuan, her face flushed with anger, and without waiting, she called Zhong Nuannuan in exasperation.

Unexpectedly, the phone rang for a long time without anyone answering.

Just as Jiang Shuwan was determined to keep calling Zhong Nuannuan until she picked up the phone despite her not answering, an extremely grim laughter rang out from her cell phone.

It was like the laughter in horror movies, which was clearly far away, but still sounded like it was close at hand.

Jiang Shuwan was taken aback. Thinking that she had made a wrong call and accidentally called a pervert, she immediately pulled her cell phone away from her ear to check if she had made the right call.

However, when she looked down, she was frightened out of her wits.

Her mobile screen was covered in blood…

Blood was dripping from the top of the phone.

Jiang Shuwan was scared sh*tless. Her eyes stared wide open, and her hands remained clenched around the phone.

It was only until the moment a child with a pale white face and a pair of completely black pupils with blood flowing from them suddenly appeared screaming, broke through the phone screen and turned into a 3D image rushing toward her face, that Jiang Shuwan suddenly came back to her senses. She instantly screamed and threw aside her phone.

However, at the same time, she had instinctively jumped up from the bed, and after feeling a sharp pain, she fell from the bed onto the ground again.

By the time the doctor found her, Jiang Shuwan was already completely passed out, and it was unknown whether it was due to pain or shock. Her ribs, which were originally healing, were broken once again.

Zhong Nuannuan was quite satisfied with the low-quality 3D virus she had produced in the short period of time, so she saved it directly into her phone.

If Jiang Shuwan came to bother her and call her again in the future, she would make a human head appear to scare her once more.

She thought that the Jiang Family would drown her in phone calls later, but they did not.

Just after class, Zhong Kuijun’s phone call came in.