My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Moron

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Zhong Nuannuan answered the phone.

“Zhong Nuannuan!”

Zhong Kuijun’s extremely serious and angry voice came from the other end of the phone.

Zhong Nuannuan raised her eyebrows. She had thought that Zhong Qianqian was already worthless after the revelations, so Zhong Kuijun would not say anything if Chi Yang took action on her. As a result, she did not expect him to be so fierce; this was reaction caught her completely off guard.

“What’s the matter?” Zhong Nuannuan’s voice also became colder.

“Let me ask you, how on earth did you offend Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang? That’s the military base’s deputy commander-in-chief, do you know that? Who gave you the courage to disrespect him?”

“…” She had thought that Zhong Qianqian already had value to her, and since she seemed to be the only one worth anything at the moment, she was confused as to why Zhong Kuijun would still scold her. It turned out that it was because of Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang’s incident.

This was reasonable, but unexpected.

Before Zhong Nuannuan could speak, Zhong Kuijun’s cannon-like voice continued to roar over the phone. “Let me tell you, don’t think that just because Chi Yang is protecting you that you can do whatever you want without fearing repercussions. Chi Yang is a person with a background, but so is Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang! Also, Chi Yang is just a captain, but Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang is a major general.

“In the military base, officials with a higher rank can crush their subordinates to death. Now that you’ve offended Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, it’s only a matter of time before he takes me down. Forget me, even if he wants to pulverize Chi Yang, it’ll be as easy as blowing dust off his boot for him. Zhong Nuannuan, I’ve always thought that you had more brains than your sister, and are more reliable than her. However, now I think that you’re just as unreliable as her! Even more stupid than her!

“You usually look extremely intelligent, but when you encounter something real, you end up making a big blunder! Let me tell you, I don’t know what unpleasant things happened between you, Chi Yang and Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, but within three days, no matter what methods you use, you must solve this matter for me, otherwise don’t blame me for not holding back!”

After saying that, he hung up the office phone with a loud smash.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at the black screen of the cell phone for a long time before one word came to her mind


Zhong Kuijun’s words could not evoke any emotion from Zhong Nuannuan at all. No depression, anger, or sadness.

After all, he was a person who never did anything without a vested purpose. He was a scumbag who would lick the boots of whoever benefited him, and turn his back against whoever impeded his interests.

If she told him Chi Yang’s real identity now, forget offending a small deputy commander-in-chief from a tiny military base like Jiang District’s, even if she offended the commander-in-chief of Emperor District, Zhong Kuijun would probably still praise her immediately and announce, “My daughter is amazing!”

Therefore, Zhong Nuannuan had always been indifferent toward Zhong Kuijun.

If he was respectful to her, then she would reply in kind. If he did not respect her, then she could only retaliate.

Zhong Nuannuan continued to read, but as soon as she opened up her book, another phone call came in.

It was Zhong Kuijun again.

Zhong Nuannuan raised her eyebrows.

Did this person discover one of Chi Yang’s secrets again, and he had decided to take her side?

When the answer button was clicked, Zhong Kuijun’s roar sounded again. “Zhong Nuannuan, what the hell are you doing? Your mother called me just now and said that you took Qianqian to court at the military base. You’re not finished, are you? You think that I’d condone your behavior, so that you can act recklessly, right? Will you believe that I can stop that credit card for you immediately? Balabala”

Zhong Nuannuan no longer wanted to listen to whatever Zhong Kuijun was saying, and she replied with two sentences.