My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 322

Chapter 322: First And Second

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“Firstly, Wang Gangyi was finding faults with you because he wanted Ou Mingxi to marry Chi Yang, and the only way to solve this was for me to give up on Chi Yang. Thus, you can weigh the pros and cons by yourself.”

After saying this, Zhong Kuijun shut his mouth.

Zhong Nuannuan then went on to say, “Second, you shouldn’t look for me just because Zhong Qianqian is in the military base’s court, you should look for Chi Yang instead. You know Chi Yang’s temper toohe even dares to offend Wang Gangyi. Furthermore, Zhong Qianqian repeatedly sought out trouble, which greatly digested him. Do you know that the reason why Zhong Qianqian had been arrested was because she went onto the dark web and sought out someone to rape me, film pornographic videos of me, and even kill me? Even the court is prepared to seek justice for me, so as a father, do you think you should call me to scold me, or should you give Jiang Shuwan a heavy scolding for failing to raise her daughter properly?”

After saying that, Zhong Nuannuan hung up the phone and continued to studythe first term of Year 1 Senior mathematics.


In the evening, it was time to treat Leng Jinpeng again. Chi Yang came to pick her up today.

After Zhong Nuannuan packed up her things, she received another call from Zhong Kuijun.

This time, Zhong Kuijun immediately ordered Zhong Nuannuan to break up with Chi Yang, and also instructed her to end her relationship with Chi Yang in three days. The matter should be done carefully, and it was best not to cause Chi Yang to become upset with the Zhong Family. If this matter was not handled properly, not only would he unilaterally end their scheduled marriage as her father, Zhong Nuannuan’s monthly allowance of 50,000 dollars would be cut off as well.

Zhong Nuannuan did not hesitate as she ignored Zhong Kuijun and hung up on him, then promptly blocked his number.

She happily walked out of the school gates, and saw a man, who was wearing a combat uniform, leaning on a car door.

In the evening sun, he was like a luminous body, making the gaze of others unconsciously fall on him.

With an upright body, sturdy posture, handsome features, and determined temperament, this man completely outshone typical A-list popular celebrities in all aspects, regardless of looks, facial features or aura.

Zhong Nuannuan was puzzled. Was her stubborn attitude really that bad in her previous life? How did she cast aside such an excellent, perfect, flawless and handsome man for six whole years?

Zhong Nuannuan looked at her eye-watering fianc from afar, and had pink bubbles in her eyes. She was just about to step forward when she saw Ye Mengxi, who had returned to her bedroom and changed into a pure white dress right after school, walk toward Chi Yang.

Previously, her Aunt Flo had arrived, and she had run out of sanitary pads; Ye Mengxi saw Chi Yang from afar when she went out to buy sanitary pads. Hence, after shopping, she hurriedly went back to her dormitory to tidy herself up, change her clothes, and even put on some beautiful light makeup. Class had just ended, the students who wanted to go home were starting to come out, and she wanted to improve her favorability toward Chi Yang while those students were watching.

Firstly, most of the students in school had never seen Chi Yang before, and they would think that this man belonged to her.

Secondly, she did not believe that Chi Yang would dislike an aristocratic girl like her and fall in love with a country bumpkin like Zhong Nuannuan.

Ye Mengxi already knew about Zhong Qianqian and Xue Miqi’s arrest, and she also knew that these two people must have been arrested because this man was standing up for Zhong Nuannuan. After all, that boorish Zhong Nuannuan would never have been able to get Zhong Qianqian into prison on her own.

For Ye Mengxi, neither of the two girls in the Zhong Family were of any significance to her.

Zhong Qianqian had a fatter body, and was also less beautiful than her. If that was not the case, then why would Zhong Qianqian clearly lag behind her in the number of votes each time the campus belle was selected.

As for Zhong Nuannuan…