My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Campus Belle Nuans Man

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Although Zhong Nuannuan was beautiful and had a good figure, she was still a country bumpkin from the farming district. A woman like this only looked impressive, but lacked real worth, and would not be a man’s long-term choice.

Therefore, Ye Mengxi felt that a mature and stable man like Chi Yang, who had been in upper society for many years, would definitely like her after coming to know her. After all, Zhong Nuannuan was nothing compared to herself. When the time came, she would use this scene. Even if someone criticized her for interfering with another’s relationship in the future, she could use what everyone saw today as fuel.

It had to be said that Ye Mengxi was getting ahead of herself.

Even so, she did as she had planned.

Chi Yang’s gaze had been focusing on the entrance, so at the moment his fiance appeared at the gates, his cold and resolute facial features began to soften starting from the center of his eyes, as a sense of thick infatuation and a faint smile appeared between his eyebrows.

Ye Mengxi, who was about to walk to Chi Yang, saw Chi Yang showing her loving smile, and her nervous mood instantly became relaxed and joyous.

She just knew it, before Zhong Nuannuan arrived, almost all the boys in school liked her. Although there had been changes after Zhong Nuannuan arrived, that woman was just a flower vase. It was impossible for men from even a slightly higher class to like a woman who was useless in all aspects except for her appearance.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, why are you here? Is there something wrong?”

Chi Yang’s eyes were full of his fiance, who was standing far away, and it was not until until Ye Mengxi had stood in front of him that he realized a woman was talking to him.

He glanced at Ye Mengxi, and then at his fiance, who seemed to have a forced smile in the distance. Chi Yang only felt his scalp tighten as he felt unwell.

Ye Mengxi, who thought that she could seduce a high-quality man, had no idea that Chi Yang already regarded her as an obstruction to his happiness at this moment. She reached out and handed him a bottle of mineral water, then said shyly, “Big Brother Chi Yang, drink some water. You still remember me, right? I also attended the banquet last weekend, my father is the director of Jia Yong, Ye Boyan.”

Chi Yang was almost bursting with anger at the nasty woman in front of him. He held in his breath, and his whole body exuded a chilly aura.

Ye Mengxi only recovered from her shyness when she felt the cold. She raised her head to look at Chi Yang and was instantly shocked to meet his icy gaze.

“Chi Big Brother Chi Yang, you scared me.”


Ye Mengxi had never been treated so rudely before, and her tears instantly sprung out.

After Zhong Qianqian, what Chi Yang hated the most were white lotus girls like this, who looked soft and weak on the outside.

He felt that such weak-looking women had ruthless characters hidden underneath their gentle appearance. Although they looked weak and could fall to the ground with just one push, it was precisely delicate women like this who could make others let down their guard, and also spared no effort whenever they committed nasty acts.

Therefore, faced with Ye Mengxi’s pitiful look, Chi Yang remembered Zhong Qianqian’s face again, and decided against giving the other party even a glimpse of humility.

“Tsk tsk, I thought that young military officer was Ye Mengxi’s new high-quality boyfriend, but apparently she hasn’t managed to reel him in even after so long!”

“Who’s this young military officer? What’s he doing here in our school? He is really handsome!”

“Since Ye Mengxi couldn’t hook up with him, can we try?”

“Alright, stop looking, that’s Zhong Nuannuan’s fianc!”

“It turns out that he belongs to the campus belle Nuan!”