My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Pissed Off Ye Mengxi

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When the girls heard that he was Zhong Nuannuan’s fianc, they immediately gave up the idea. After all, most people were still self-aware. Regardless of in terms of looks or figure, they could not compare to Zhong Nuannuan.

The driver, Li Qi, saw that his director-general was being flirted with, and he immediately got out of the car, parked himself in front of his director-general, and obstructed Ye Mengxi’s gaze.

“Miss, please leave.”

Ye Mengxi was embarrassed by Chi Yang’s actions earlier, and now that even a lowly driver dared to make her leave. Thus, she immediately became angry.

“Who are you? Why should I leave?”

“Our director-general doesn’t know you, and he doesn’t have a sister, so please don’t treat him as someone you know.”

Ye Mengxi was furious. “Who said that he doesn’t recognize me? You weren’t by his side last weekend, so of course you wouldn’t know. I already met him last week, isn’t that right, Big Brother Chi Yang?”

Seeing that Chi Yang’s fists were clenched, Zhong Nuannuan knew that if she did not save the situation, Chi Yang would not be so gentle as to tell Ye Mengxi to scram any longer.

Therefore, right at the moment that Chi Yang was about to erupt, she ran toward him with a smile.

“Big Brother Chi Yang!”

Watching his fiance running toward him like a cat with wings, her sweet look instantly attracted his full attention.

His fiance was not angry!

Not only was she not angry, she was even running toward him with a smile!

In an instant, he had completely forgotten who Ye Mengxi was, or what she had said to him.

Under the gaze of the schoolmates, the man, whose aura was originally cold to the point of freezing, instantly underwent a complete change. His cold and shady gaze when he was looking at Ye Mengxi earlier immediately became gentle and loving when he turned to look at Zhong Nuannuan. The love in his eyes was so intense that even the students who did not want to get into a relationship so early in their life all wanted to fall in love there and then.

Zhong Nuannuan threw herself directly into Chi Yang’s arms and clung onto him like a koala, not wanting to come down.

Chi Yang, who originally paid great attention to his image, could not care less about his self-image as his fiance hung onto him at this moment. He simply stretched out his hand to lift his fiance’s legs slightly, and let her hang onto him comfortably with crescent eyes.

“Are you done with school?”

“Yeah.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes!” Zhong Nuannuan nodded furiously.

“Let’s go, I know a restaurant that has delicious bowl chicken, I’ll take you to eat there.”

When Zhong Nuannuan heard this, a waterfall of saliva immediately secreted in her mouth.

The little annoyance, Ye Mengxi, was instantly completely forgotten by her.

After that, under the fiery gaze of the students and Ye Mengxi’s pitiful but obscurely jealous gaze, Chi Yang carried Zhong Nuannuan into the car before he got in with her.

The black Land Rover drove away and sprayed exhaust gas all over Ye Mengxi’s face.

Ye Mengxi was extremely embarassed, and she could hardly hold back her tears. She turned around and rushed back to the dormitory, silently cursing a thousand times at the two wretches of the Zhong Family. Later, she realized that since Zhong Qianqian had been arrested today, her men were also gone, and all her hopes and efforts had come to nothing. It was only then that she started to feel slightly more emotionally balanced.

Zhong Nuannuan followed Chi Yang outside to eat and drink gluttonously, and only went to the military base after she was fully fed.

When they walked downstairs to the headquarters, Chi Yang met the director-general of the Propaganda Department, who wanted to tell him something. Chi Yang glanced at Zhong Nuannuan and considered whether to send his fiance up first before discussion, or if he should ask her to stand there and listen in as they talked.

His reaction made the director-general of the Propaganda Department speechless.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, you can discuss your matters here, I’ll just go upstairs first. I can find his office anyway.”