My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 325

Chapter 325: How Dare You

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When he realized the director-general of the Propaganda Department was not about to let him leave, he said apologetically, “Okay, you can head upstairs first. I’ll come in a minute.”

The commander-in-chief’s office was located on the sixth floor. When Zhong Nuannuan got to the fifth floor, she bumped into a familiar face.

Wang Gangyi had just walked out of his office and was now face-to-face with her.

A tight-knit frown appeared on Wang Gangyi’s face when he saw Zhong Nuannuan, and he called out to her unhappily.

“Stop right there.”

Zhong Nuannuan had every intention of ignoring him, however, his guards immediately stopped Zhong Nuannuan in her tracks the moment Wang Gangyi told her to stop.

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, what do you mean by this?”

“Zhong Nuannuan, who invited you here? This is the military’s headquarters, the highest-ranking command center of the military base. You are but a student. What are you doing running about this place?”

Wang Gangyi had been deeply offended by Chi Yang’s previous actions. However, he had to depend on Chi Yang to climb up the ranks and bring Chi Yang and Ou Mingxi together. There was no practical tactic he could employ to cause Chi Yang any harm. However, when it came to Zhong Nuannuan, there was no need for him to hold back.

Wang Gangyi had received a call from Zhong Kuijun today and they had come to an agreement. Hence, there was no need to guess the reason why Zhong Nuannuan had barged into their headquarters.

She must not want to break up with Chi Yang and wanted to see the commander-in-chief or the chief of staff. After all, the marriage report between her and Chi Yang was approved by the commander-in-chief and the chief of staff.

Since he had spotted Zhong Nuannuan, there was no way he was allowing her to head upstairs and create trouble in front of the commander-in-chief.

The commander-in-chief hated those who used power to bully or oppress others. If the commander-in-chief found out he had threatened Zhong Nuannuan, it would be difficult for him to take over the top position when the commander-in-chief eventually stands down.

Zhong Nuannuan could only freeze when she saw the guards blocking her away, not permitting her to continue up the stairs.

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, are you kidding me? I’m not here for you, why should I tell you my reason for being here?”

The look on Wang Gangyi’s face darkened. It heightened his anger when she refused to comply with his instructions.

“I’m the deputy commander-in-chief of the military base, an officer in this establishment. I have the right to question you if I find you suspicious. Even if it was your father here, I’d have the authority to ask the same question, much less when you are here alone.”

“You are authorized to question him because he is your subordinate, but I’m not. What right have you to question me?”

Wang Gangyi had no answer for Zhong Nuannuan’s rebuttal.

“Zhong Nuannuan, come in here.”

As he said this, Wang Gangyi got his guards to open the door of his office, which had been shut tight.

“Why should I go in? I’m not here to see Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang. Who are you to make me go into your office?”

Zhong Nuannuan disliked Wang Gangyi a lot.

She knew how delighted Zhong Kuijun was with her upcoming marriage to Chi Yang, but Zhong Kuijun had actually requested for her to break up with Chi Yang the moment she got home from school in the afternoon. It was not difficult to guess that this was the doing of the deputy commander-in-chief.

Wang Gangyi had been meddlesome as he constantly poked his nose into her business, and now, he still insisted on acting in such an overbearing way. He was asking for a beating and she would only be letting herself down if she did not give him a good talking down to.

Wang Gangyi had never experienced someone being insolent to him. Chi Yang had the ability to do this because Chi Yang had a bright future and he was linked to Wang Gangyi’s future, which was why Wang Gangyi tolerated it. As for Zhong Nuannuan, she was the daughter of a mere commander. How dare she be rude to him?

Wang Gangyi shouted, “How dare you!”

Zhong Nuannuan was not deterred by this show of power. A second later, she sneered as she returned the favor with just as much bravado