My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Threat

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“You’re crazy!”

She turned to head upstairs after saying this.

Wang Gangyi almost died of anger at Zhong Nuannuan. He no longer cared about where he was nor who she was here to see. She had offended him today and he was about to make sure she was punished severely.

If he did not do so, what dignity would he have as a deputy commander-in-chief of the military base?

The two guards rushed to the front of Zhong Nuannuan once again as they each held up a hand, stopping Zhong Nuannuan forcefully.

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, you really are joking! I’m here to see someone else and I haven’t done anything to provoke you. Even if you are deputy commander-in-chief, you don’t really have the right to stop me, do you?”

“Why don’t I have the right to stop you? Not only am I able to stop you, I can even have you detained! Zhong Nuannuan, you aren’t thinking about taking the opportunity to get the commander-in-chief to back you up just because Chi Yang reports directly to him, are you? Is it because Chi Yang has broken up with you that you are in such a hurry to see the commander-in-chief?”

Zhong Nuannuan laughed angrily at Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang’s words.

“How thick-skinned are you to be so sure that our Chi Yang would give me up and choose Ou Mingxi? Let me tell you this, my relationship with Chi Yang is strong. All of you should stop wasting your time! If you have that much time, you should use it to correct Ou Mingxi’s mindset and stop her from doing something she will regret.”

Wang Gangyi was also so angered by Zhong Nuannuan that he burst out laughing.

“Zhong Nuannuan, who do you think you are? You are nothing but the daughter of a mere commander. Oh, or do you think because your mum is a shareholder of the Jiang Group that it makes you a prized catch, which is enough for you to think highly of yourself and act so insolently towards me, a deputy commander-in-chief, as well as Deputy Governor Ou?

“Let me tell you this, there are more powerful people out there in the world. Commoners do not fight government officers and businessmen do not fight politicians. I approached your father today and have given him three days. If your family renounces the engagement to Chi Yang unilaterally, I will give your father the compensation he desires. This deal is something your father could never achieve from the marriage between you and Chi Yang.”

“If you continue to act so stubbornly within these three days, the first to go will be your father’s position. The next would be the Jiang Group. I heard that little girls like you enjoy being known as socialites from influential families of the Jiang District. You’ve been a socialite for such a long time, so I bet you won’t be willing to return to the old days of living poor, will you? Even more so when you’d be dragging your family with you into that lifestyle.”

Zhong Nuannuan narrowed her eyes dangerously. “Are you threatening me, Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang?

“You would think so. However, if you break up with Chi Yang, these threats will cease to exist.”

“What did you promise my father if I took the initiative to renounce the engagement?”

Wang Gangyi was much more amicable when he saw Zhong Nuannuan back off a little.

“Chi Yang is a captain now. Even though your father could never be the instructor of the special forces team, he wants the position of the equipment operations director. This has always been his aspiration. He has good performance in the military base and has a friendly rapport with the people. If you are able to dissolve your engagement to Chi Yang, your father will immediately get what he wants. This will be more direct than you marrying Chi Yang and getting Chi Yang to approach the commander-in-chief on his behalf.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “Deputy Commander-in-Chief, you really do know how to oppress others and use power for personal gain. I really wonder how you even managed to become deputy commander-in-chief in the first place. Nowadays, government officials are considered the weaker group. They wouldn’t dare to cause any trouble in public for fear of being caught on video and tracked down by netizens, which will end up with them losing their positions. With that being said, you’re really something, aren’t you? Making such direct threats to others.”