My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Wrath Of A Commanding Officer

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He gave both guards a look as they went forward to grab Zhong Nuannuan, but Zhong Nuannuan managed to evade them.

Who were they kidding? She had intended for the situation to blow up right from the start. If they brought her downstairs and took the handcuffs off her, how would she able to act all pitiful in front of Uncle Leng?

The fact that Zhong Nuannuan was able to escape despite being held down by both guards even though she was handcuffed made Wang Gangyi think about how relaxed his guards were about their duties.

If a weak woman were able to escape from them numerous times, how would they protect him during critical moments?

Wang Gangyi stared viciously at both guardsm and they quickly moved toward Zhong Nuannuan again. This time, they were taking her away by hook or by crook.

However, the door opened right at that moment

Zhong Nuannuan saw Leng Jinpeng about to open the door through her X-ray vision and immediately allowed herself to be captured.

Just as she was being callously treated by the two guards pulling at her hands that were cuffed behind her back, Leng Jinpeng walked out quickly after receiving reports from his guards about Zhong Nuannuan being arrested.

He did not believe them initially as Zhong Nuannuan was his personal guest. She had even registered her name for entry downstairs. How could something so drastic happen in such a short time?

However, when he witnessed Zhong Nuannuan actually being accosted by the two guards and treated rudely, the usually mild temperate Leng Jinpeng immediately flew into a rage.

“What are the two of you doing? Let her go!”

The two guards from downstairs were stunned. Before they were able to react, the commander-in-chief had rushed toward them at high speed before sending them stumbling away with a swift kick.

When he saw Zhong Nuannuan’s hands still behind her back after the kick, he walked behind her to look. His face turned red in an instant as he roared at the group of people, “Who did this?”

Wang Gangyi went pale with fright.

This was the first time he had seen the commander-in-chief lose his temper.

This was a man who was brought in from the Emperor District. Rumor had it that he had an extremely influential background. An officer one rank higher was capable of destroying an individual, what more a man with a background such as the commander-in-chief. He could annihilate Wang Gangyi.

Leng Jinpeng may have been from the special forces, but years of self-cultivation had masked him with an elegant charisma. Many had almost forgotten he was once from the special forces and had earned numerous battle merits.

This roar of his filled the entire building with his sonorous voice, creating a mild tremor throughout the structure.

“I’m asking all of you who did this? Have you all gone dumb?” His voice got louder this time.

Wang Gangyi swallowed his saliva in fear. He wanted to ask about the relationship between Zhong Nuannuan and the commander-in-chief. Could it be that the commander-in-chief was not only on good terms with Chi Yang, but also knew Zhong Nuannuan?

He was about to ask the question when the guard from the sixth floor started reporting what had happened between Zhong Nuannuan and the guards under Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang.

Wang Gangyi could feel his hairs stand when Leng Jinpeng shot a sharp look at him.

Wang Gangyi had never felt such immense pressure before as he was glared at by a seasoned special forces military ace who was also a long-serving commander-in-chief of the military base. An indescribable fear instantly formed within him.

The commander-in-chief had lost his temper at the military base for the first time, and it was directed at Wang Gangyi. All was lost Would he even get Leng Jinpeng’s help in moving up the ranks to commander-in-chief?

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, could you please explain to me why you are arresting my esteemed guest when everything seems well?”

“Es Esteemed guest???”

Zhong Nuannuan was but a Year 3 Senior student! When did she transform into an esteemed guest of the commander-in-chief? Could Zhong Nuannuan really know the commander-in-chief and wasin fact not here to make a complaint to him?