My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Warmth Of A Kitty Cat

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It was then that Wang Gangyi realized that he had made a mistake. It was a mistake that might cause him everything.

The commander-in-chief already had a bad impression of him, and the thought of the commander-in-chief’s retaliation at this matter made him shudder. Wang Gangyi suddenly felt regretful.

If he knew that dealing with Zhong Nuannuan would cause this sort of trouble, he never would have helped Ou Mingxi in the first place.

Wang Gangyi quickly organized his thoughts and said, “When I saw an outsider like her moving around the headquarters and refusing to leave even after asking her to, I ordered for her to be arrested. This was especially since she had referred to me as a retard. Commander-in-chief, I had no idea she was your esteemed guest. I’d asked her several times about who she was here to see, yet she did not answer me. That was why I had gotten my men to stop her. When she could not be stopped, I had to have her handcuffed.”

As he said this, Wang Gangyi gave Zhong Nuannuan a sincere look. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea you were the esteemed guest of the commander-in-chief. This was a misunderstanding. If I had known earlier that our commander-in-chief had an appointment with you, I would never have dared to interrupt your meeting.”

His words may have sounded sincere but the look in Wang Gangyi’s eyes seemed to be threatening Zhong Nuannuan.

His eyes seemed to be telling her if she dared to spout any nonsense, he would make sure her father and the entire Jiang Group would pay for this.

Unfortunately, Zhong Nuannuan did not care for her father, nor did she care for her ‘mother’. If she did not care about her parents, why would she care about her father’s position or the Jiang Group, which was Jiang Shuwan’s backing?

Leng Jinpeng looked at Zhong Nuannuan and asked gently, “Little Miss Nuan, is that true?”

As he asked this, Leng Jinpeng reached his hand out to the two guards. “Keys.”

The guards quickly took out their keys to unlock Zhong Nuannuan’s handcuffs but Leng Jinpeng took it from them and unlocked the cuffs for her personally.

As Leng Jinpeng was about to unlock the handcuffs on Zhong Nuannuan wrist, a tall, dapper figure came walking up the stairs. When Zhong Nuannuan spotted him, she quickly retracted her sharp, prickly claws and transformed into a little kitty cat who had just been bullied. She was acting as if she had just spotted her master as she flew toward Chi Yang and buried herself into his arms.

All that was missing were the maligned little meows that would have gone well with her pitiful demeanour.

Even though Chi Yang had no idea what had happened, but he could tell that his little wife had suffered some wrongs. When he reached out to hold her in his arms, he suddenly touched the metal of the handcuffs on the hands behind her back.

The aura surrounding Chi Yang immediately exploded, exuberating a clear murderous intent and desire for vengeance.

His little wife had run toward him from where Leng Jinpeng was. It did not matter what had just happened nor who had handcuffed his Nuannuan as Leng Jinpeng had been present but had done nothing about it. That meant this was all Leng Jinpeng’s fault.

“What do you mean by this?”

It did not matter that this man had been Chi Yang’s instructor and mentor His little wife was his life!

Even his commander-in-chief was not allowed to bully her.

To put it even more plainly, he should not be bullying her!

Leng Jinpeng was speechless as he faced Chi Yang’s wrath.

He felt bad about it, okay?

He was angry as well, okay?

However, Chi Yang had come at him over this. What could he do when Chi Yang’s little wife had been wronged in front of him?

He was anxious about the whole situation too!

“Chi Yang, calm down! About this” He was taking care of it, okay?

However, Chi Yang exploded before he finished his sentence.

“Calm down? How the hell do you want me to calm down when Nuannuan has been handcuffed?”

Qu Mingyi, who was on the sixth floor, had walked out when he heard the commotion. He was quite surprised at the scene in front of him. As he approached the scene, he heard Chi Yang shouting in a rage.