My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Echoing Each Others Words

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Qu Mingyi roared, “Chi Yang! How can you speak this way to the commander-in-chief?”

“How do you want me to speak when he has Nuannuan in handcuffs?”

Chi Yang was in a terrible rage. He was shouting at everyone while his body shielded Nuannuan in his arms. He hugged her gently, afraid that he would hurt her.

“How could this be the work of the commander-in-chief? I don’t believe it! Have you lost your mind?”

Qu Mingyi looked at his commander-in-chief but realized there was no anger in his superior’s eyes.

Chi Yang continued roaring, “Even if he had not done it, but had seen someone handcuff my Nuannuan without doing anything about it, then what is he playing at?”

Qu Mingyi spotted Wang Gangyi at the side, with a look of despair on his face, and immediately understood what had happened.

How could Qu Mingyi, who was cunning as a fox, not realize that these two were putting up a show?

“Chi Yang!” Leng Jinpeng roared sonorously. His presence was just as overbearing as Chi Yang’s.

Chi Yang snorted coldly. “Commander-in-chief, I am requesting for the person who had conducted a personal arrest on Nuannuan without proper cause to be severely punished! Otherwise, I will not let this go!”

Leng Jinpeng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Chi Yang’s rage had somewhat subsided and immediately worked on calming him down. “Don’t worry, I will give you a proper account of what had happened today.”

Wang Gangyi was horrified.

He knew Chi Yang had a close relationship with the commander-in-chief as he was the instructor of the special forces team and reported directly to the commander-in-chief.

However, he did not expect Chi Yang to hold such a strong position in the dynamic. Chi Yang dared to say such things to the commander-in-chief, who helmed such a powerful background.

Not only did he dare to rebuke the commander-in-chief, but he did not even bother to act respectfully toward the commander-in-chief and the chief-of-staff.

Wang Gangyi was experiencing more than a little regret at that moment.

He was so regretful that he could feel his colons twist about.

If he knew that they shared such a close relationship, he would never have used brute force on Zhong Nuannuan.

He was in a terrible position now and the only thing he could hope for was for Zhong Nuannuan not to spout nonsense.

Whatever happened could not be changed, and Chi Yang was determined to pursue the matter with the commander-in-chief’s support. All he could hope was for the situation to slowly subside and dissapear.

He hoped Zhong Nuannuan would understand that he was fully capable of destroying her. It was as easy as killing an ant. As long as she stayed quiet, he would pretend that nothing had ever happened and would not force her to break up with Chi Yang.

Zhong Nuannuan had arrived at the headquarters ahead of time. The other two deputy commander-in-chiefs had not left either as they still had work to do. Thus, they headed up from the fifth floor when they heard the commotion, curious about what was going on.

“Hey, isn’t this Director-General Chi? What’s going on? Why do you look so mad?”

The one speaking was the second deputy commander-in-chief, Peng Yaohua. Wang Gangyi, who was a rank above him, was his greatest competitor. He would always look out for any opportunity to cause trouble for Wang Gangyi, and so, was quick to chime in when he saw the desperate look on Wang Gangyi’s face as well as Chi Yang’s raging expression. This was an attempt to blow things up.

The commander-in-chief’s health was getting worse by the day and he might suddenly retire or die without warning. If he could take this opportunity to take down Wang Gangyi, there would be a higher chance of him taking over the position. Even if he could not touch Wang Gangyi, he could at least try to stop the latter from moving up the ranks whilst simultaneously building a better relationship with the commander-in-chief and Chi Yang.

Just as Peng Yaohua was about to say something, the look on Wang Gangyi’s face changed as he commented unhappily.