My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Adding Salt To Injury

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“What are all of you doing gathering around? Go on and focus on your work. It’s just a minor situation. Should both of you deputy commander-in-chiefs be here watching a show?”

Between the two, Pheng Yaohua was his biggest obstacle. As for Luo Shangyi, he did not do anything nor look like he was much of a threat, but he seemed to be quite a cunning person. If he decided to join Peng Yaohua and aid him, Wang Gangyi would be in trouble.

He did not want these two to join in the situation no matter what.

He had a feeling he would be a goner if they had gotten involved.

“Arresting my fiance for no good reason and attempting to hold her in custody may seem like a minor matter to Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, but it is a very serious matter to me. In fact, it is a major situation! I am not letting this go if Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang does not give me a proper explanation.”

Wang Gangyi was about to die of anger at having a dumb teammate like Chi Yang.

Which damn side was he on? Was he aware that Wang Gangyi had gotten into this mess in the first place because he was trying to matchmake Chi Yang with Ou Mingxi?

He did not believe Chi Yang was unaware of this.

Even so, why would he support this woman who had nothing to her name?

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, since Chi Yang is here, why don’t you explain the situation to us. Zhong Nuannuan is the fiance of an important officer from the military base and the future military wife of our base. No matter what has transpired between you two, was it really necessary to use such forceful means which are normally reserved for the enemy on her? Tell us your reasons. I believe Chi Yang is not an unreasonable person.”

Leng Jinpeng’s words were clearly lending support to Chi Yang, so Wang Gangyi felt extremely nervous. He knew that with so many people watching him in this situation, it would be unacceptable for him to try and make light of his actions from earlier. He stared at Zhong Nuannuan as he repeated his words slowly and carefully.

“Commander-in-chief, this matter originated from a situation two days ago. I’ve always thought highly of Chi Yang and wanted to introduce a good friend’s daughter to him. The girl is called Ou Mingxi. Her father is Ou Chenghe, the Deputy Governor of Jiang District.

“I thought that Chi Yang and Ou Mingxi would make a good match as they were about the same age and so, I wanted to matchmake them.

“On the night I had Chi Yang over for dinner, I had not expected Zhong Nuannuan to barge into the dinner too. Naturally, things ended quite badly. I had never forced Chi Yang to pick Ou Mingxi, I just wanted him to make his own choice, which I would honor. However, Zhong Nuannuan had tagged along that night and expressed deep dissatisfaction over my actions.

“This matter was supposed to be over as I felt that it was fine that Chi Yang did not accept the proposal. However, when I saw Zhong Nuannuan barging here on her own just now, I realized something about her did not look right as she seemed to be heading to floor the commander-in-chief was on. Hence, I stopped her and asked her reasons for being here. Despite this, she refused to explain and even called me a retard, which my two guards also heard.

“When I noticed that something was wrong with her attitude, I thought Chi Yang had wanted to break up with her and I was worried she would do something extreme, so I got my guards to stop her. I didn’t expect her to hurt my guards and continue racing up here. You are not in good health, commander-in-chief, and I was afraid she would cause you trouble, which was why I had her arrested.

“I admit that I was a bit extreme with my ways and it was wrong of me. I am willing to give her an apology. If she was the esteemed guest of the commander-in-chief, she could have told me so. Why would I stop her then? Yet, she kept this a secret on purpose and did not tell me anything. She continuously scolded me as she kept attempting to head up the stairs. In a suspicious situation like this, how could I simply allow her to barge upstairs?”