My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Filthy

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When Pheng Yaohua heard that it was such a minor situation, he felt a little disappointed. However, he had also noticed that the commander-in-chief was acting protective over Chi Yang, so he tried his best to start trouble.

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, this is where you’re wrong. Even though you’re not Chi Yang’s direct superior, you are still aware of the marriage report he had submitted. Did you consider our organization’s honor when you introduced a girl to him knowing full well he had a fiance?

“So, you’ve cased this young girl trouble and even detained her just because she gave one retort. How could you abuse your power like this?”

Wang Gangyi knew Peng Yaohua would attempt to stir up trouble for him and had already pre-emptively prepared an excuse.

“Isn’t it too serious to call this an act of detaining? All I wanted to do was to arrest her on the spot and get the guards to take her out. I’ve no intention of detaining her. In fact, you can ask her if I’ve caused any trouble for her. Zhong Nuannuan, say something. Have I caused you any trouble?”

Wang Gangyi looked threateningly at Zhong Nuannuan. As long as she did not have major problems with her brain, she would not risk offending him over such a small matter. After all, no matter how much this situation was blown up, it would all be based on empty, unfounded words which would pose no threat to his future.

As long as he maintained his current position, there would be plenty of opportunities to get her back. That was why he was confident that if Zhong Nuannuan’s brain was not filled with straw, she would give the most reasonable reply.

“Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang, what’s with that look in your eyes? Are you pretending the commander-in-chief and I are dead by threatening my fiance in front of me?”

Wang Gangyi, “”

What has this to do with the commander-in-chief?

Leng Jinpeng “”

What has this got to do with him?

However, Chi Yang was looking dark and vicious as the pressuring aura emanating from him made Wang Gangyi uncomfortable. Hence, Wang Gangyi did not rebuke him.

However, it made Wang Gangyi deeply unhappy that a mere captain would dare say something like this to him.

Leng Jinpeng walked toward Zhong Nuannuan and used the key to unlock her handcuffs. He then said, “Girl, say whatever you need to no matter what. Uncle Leng will stand by you.”

When the few deputy commander-in-chiefs heard the commander-in-chief refer to himself as Uncle Leng, they immediately understood that even though Zhong Nuannuan was the daughter of a mere commander, the commander-in-chief liked her immensely and approved of her. It did not matter if the commander-in-chief truly liked her or if it was all because of Chi Yang, at the end of the day, the commander-in-chief was determined to protect Zhong Nuannuan.

The look on Wang Gangyi’s face worsened.

He no longer dared to threaten Zhong Nuannuan, all he hoped was for her to be understanding.


“Uncle Leng, this man is truly shameless. Not only did he not dare to introduce a girlfriend to Chi Yang in front of me, but he had also even threatened me and ordered me to know my place by giving Chi Yang up. The last time we met, he told me that I should let Chi Yang go if I loved him because the best option was to allow Chi Yang and Ou Mingxi to be together. The reason being that Ou Mingxi had the backing of the Deputy Governor of the Jiang District and him, the deputy commander-in-chief. If I chose to give up, Chi Yang would have a very bright future.”

Zhong Nuannaun’s wrists were red after being released from the handcuffs. She looked pitifully at Chi Yang while Chi Yang caressed her wrists softly, empathizing with her predicament. She continued her complaint pitifully while enjoying Chi Yang massaging her hand.

Wang Gangyi knew this was a stupid woman when he heard her answer and roared, “Zhong Nuannuan, you’re trying to frame me! I am a deputy commander-in-chief, how could I say something so filthy?”

Zhong Nuannuan sneered. “You’re a filthy character anyway. What’s so shocking about you saying something so degrading?”