My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Unexpected Failure

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However, because of his body, although those people were ready to take action, none of them actually made a move. Instead, they simply silently hoped for him to die so that they could take action after his fall.

In truth, if Wang Gangyi had really said such things to threaten Nuannuan, he was completely within his right to use this as an excuse to investigate him. However, without the surveillance footage, there was no way to turn this into a cause for investigation.

“It just so happens that the last time Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang invited me for dinner, I was afraid that something bad might happen, so I recorded the whole process. My cell phone recorded everything he said to that Deputy Governor Ou at the dinner table that day.”

When Chi Yang’s words fell, Wang Gangyi’s expression darkened.

He did not take action on Chi Yang for his extremely rude attitude, but Chi Yang attacked him without mercy instead!

“Chi Yang, you’re too much, I did this for your own sake, but you even recorded me!”

“Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, you know in your heart whether you’re really doing this for my own good, or whether you simply intend to use me to seek connections with the commander-in-chief.”

“So what if you have the recording? What I said that day was the truth. You and Ou Mingxi are indeed better together compared to a mere civilian like Zhong Nuannuan. Am I wrong?”

“Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, you’re not taking the organization seriously. After all, Zhong Nuannuan had already passed the organizational review, and their union was agreed upon.”

“You shut up!”

Wang Gangyi glared fiercely at Peng Yaohua, who was motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos. This person had unashamedly displayed his ugly side when he tried to get rid of him earlier.

“Well, if the things in my Big Brother Chi Yang’s hands are useless, what about the things in my hands?”

After saying that, Zhong Nuannuan fished out a cell phone from her large clothing bag to reveal a recording symbol flashing brightly on it.

Wang Gangyi’s face instantly turned pale.

“When I was halfway up the fourth floor, I saw that you, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, were about to come out. Remembering that our previous encounter went very negatively, in order to prevent you from doing anything unbecoming, I pressed the record button even before we met.”

After all, she had X-ray vision, and Wang Gangyi had not left the office at that time. Originally, at her previous pace, she could have easily eluded the other party completely. However, not only did she not avoid him, she even slowed down her pace and turned on the recording as she walked upstairs.

In fact, not only did she turn on the recording, she even turned on the camera attached to her body.

At this point, she was a ticking time-bomb.

At that time, Wang Gangyi tried desperately to pair Chi Yang with Ou Mingxi despite knowing that he had a marriage contract, and by doing so, he had already stepped on her toes. Adding to the fact that after she, the wronged partner arrived later, not only did this person not feel the least bit uncomfortable, he even threatened her with his higher-than-thou attitude…


After experiencing this, Zhong Nuanuan decided even if she could not bring him down today, she would make it her duty to ensure that he eventually bit the dust!

Zhong Nuannuan pressed the replay button as she said this.

After that, Wang Gangyi’s voice was heard. He threatened Zhong Nuannuan by claiming that he would deal with Zhong Kuijun and the Jiang Group, then went out to detail the agreement to let Zhong Kuijun become the director of equipment operations if Zhong Nuannuan agreed to break off the engagement.

Although recordings were not used as evidence in general courts, the military base’s justice department was different. The recording in Zhong Nuannuan’s hands was already more than enough for him to be dealt with.

Wang Gangyi’s face immediately went pale.

It was over.

He was done for!

Completely done for!!!

He had intended to hook up with the commander-in-chief through Chi Yang, so that he could recommend him to the commander-in-chief’s position before he stepped down. However, he did not expect to meet an unexpected failure.