My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Unwilling

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He had really never taken Zhong Nuannuan as a threat.

He was also never worried that Chi Yang would give up on Ou Mingxi, who had such good attributes,and be insistent on choosing Zhong Nuannuan instead.

He did not even expect Zhong Nuannuan to have a screw loose. She did not follow the standard procedure at all, and would not acknowledge his threats.

As for himself, not only was he unable to mess with Zhong Kuijun and the Jiang Group, he got himself involved in this trouble instead.

At this moment, after experiencing the huge blow, Wang Gangyi was dazed. He could not understand how he had gotten to this point today.

“Hello, Director-General Yang, this is Leng Jinpeng. Bring someone over here.”

Leng Jinpeng hung up the phone and looked at Wang Gangyi, whose expression was extremely sour.

“Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan’s marriage report was reviewed and agreed upon by Chief of Staff Qu and myself. If you have any dissatisfactions, you can discuss it with Chief of Staff Qu and I.

“However, when the marriage report was publicly announced, you did not have any objections. Therefore, after the application was approved, you must respect Chi Yang, obey the organization’s decision, and maintain basic etiquette and attitude toward Zhong Nuannuan, the prospective military wife.

“However, as a commander of the military base, instead of showing a decent attitude, you attempted to use your authority to threaten Nuannuan via Commander Zhong and the Jiang Group, and even offered Commander Zhong benefits which violate our organization’s disciplinary rules. Although you have not actually done any of these things, and so it does not constitute a crime, the words you have uttered represent a serious violation.”

“Commander-in-chief, is there anything you need?”

Yang Mingkun, the director-general of the military base’s justice department had not gotten off work yet, and he soon rushed up from the third floor with people behind him.

Leng Jinpeng allowed Yang Mingkun to listen to the recording. “Director-general Yang, this matter is left to you, you must give our military officers and future military wife a fair solution.”

Yang Mingkun immediately gave a military salute. “Yes, you can rest assured, Commander-in-Chief, I promise to complete the task.”

After speaking, he looked toward Wang Gangyi sternly. “Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, let’s go.”

Wang Gangyi’s face at the moment was snow-white.

Once he was taken away by Yang Mingkun, this incident would become a stain on his image no matter how hard he tried to remove it.

If nothing else, his path to becoming the military base’s commander-in-chief was all but completely gone.

Chi Yang!

Zhong Nuannuan!

Wang Gangyi’s heart was filled with hatred.

Most of his glorious life had been completely ruined just because he tried to play matchmaker.

He really hated them!

He did not feel apologetic at all!

They made his life end here at this moment. He swore that when this incident had passed, he would definitely spare no effort to get rid of Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan.

Seeing the figure of Wang Gangyi being taken away by two officers from the military base’s justice department, sparks of excitement burst out of Peng Yaohua’s eyes.

Leng Jinpeng’s body had already reached the end of its tether, and he could not hold on for long. As long as Leng Jinpeng surrendered his position, he could reap his rewards without any effort.

When the former commander-in-chief at the military base left, one of the three amongst them should have gotten his position, but unexpectedly, a commander-in-chief with a strong background was transferred from Emperor District.

Fortunately, he was a sick man, and once he died, it would not make sense for Emperor District to transfer another person, right? Therefore, once Leng Jinpeng’s body was completely expired, there was at least a 95% possibility that the commander-in-chief’s position would be given to him.

No one thought that such a huge, unexpected event would happen on a peaceful evening.

After Wang Gangyi was taken away, everyone took their leave after offering random excuses. Thus, only Chi Yang, Zhong Nuannuan, Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi were left looking at each other.