My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 336

Chapter 336: No Need To Come Out

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“Okay, take off that sour face of yours, you’ll scare Little Girl Nuan like this.” Leng Jinpeng saw that Chi Yang’s anger had not dissipated, and hurriedly smoothed things over.

His words struck a chord in Chi Yang’s heart and Chi Yang quickly retracted the gloomy aura surrounding his body as he looked toward Zhong Nuannuan.

“Does it hurt?”

When he spoke, Chi Yang’s gaze was so soft Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi looked at each other, both their mouths felt puckery, and all they had left to do was to cover their eyes.

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt at all. How about that, was I good? I managed to destroy a deputy commander-in-chief with just a few words, hahaha!”

Leng Jinpeng interrupted at the right time. “His charge is currently only limited to threats as he has not done any substantial harm yet. Therefore, based on this incident, the organization will give him a serious demerit at most. However, he’s a person who has a goal to strive for, and after this demerit, I predict that he won’t be able to get promoted anymore.”

Zhong Nuannuan was satisfied with Wang Gangyi’s downfall. She had never thought that she could destroy the other party completely just because of this trivial matter.

As long as Wang Gangyi went into prison, even if it was because of a small incident, she had the ability to stop him from coming out again.

However, she had to do these things in secret, so it was impossible for her to voice out her plans so openly.

Chi Yang also shared the same ideas as Zhong Nuannuan.

Although he did not say anything, the trace of gloom that flashed across the depths of his eyes displayed Wang Gangyi’s tragic ending.

How dare he threaten his fiance!!!

He needed to be stopped from ever coming out again!

Chi Yang rubbed Zhong Nuannuan’s head. “Okay, don’t think about him anymore. Let’s go in.”


Zhong Nuannuan did not like to be surrounded by onlookers whenever she was treating Leng Jinpeng. Therefore, although Qu Mingyi was also very curious to know how she would administer her acupuncture treatment to the commander-in-chief, he still returned to his office tactfully.

“Uncle Leng, I asked you to prescribe all the medicines for liver and stomach diseases that can be provided by the hospital at the military base before this. Have you done so?”

Leng Jinpeng laughed and said, “Dr Zhong, you’ve already ordered me to do so, so how could I not?”

After saying that, he piled up more than 30 types of prescribed medicines in front of Zhong Nuannuan.

Even if he had still doubted Zhong Nuannuan before, after the last acupuncture session, Leng Jinpeng had continuously looked forward to the next session.

This was because after Zhong Nuannuan had administered the acupuncture treatment the last time, he felt that his whole body had become much more relaxed. Especially on the next day, whereby he felt that he was about to return to his peak state. However, on the second night, his liver area began to ache faintly again, and on the third day, the pain made him occasionally break out into a sweat again.

He explained his situation again, then asked seriously, “Nuannuan, can I not be saved?”

“How can that be so?”

“Little girl, I’ve specifically sent Ye Hai away today, you have good medical skills, so just tell me everything frankly. Previously, although the hospital at the military base did not directly say that I would die, I know that they said my illness will definitely develop into cancer, and it’s only a matter of time until that happens. Moreover, I also heard another saying that my liver cirrhosis has already developed ascites, and it’s possible that I might die even before the cancer appears.”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled and said, “Uncle Leng, I’m not lying to you. Since I’ve said that I can cure you, you will definitely get well. I still want to see the hopeless faces of those people who want to take your position while you’re ill.

“As for what you felt over the past few days, it’s completely normal. After all, you’ve only had acupuncture done once, so it’s already very good for it to have such an effect. However, I have to ask, Uncle Leng, do you take any medicine when it hurts?”