My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Sit Upright

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A smile appeared on Peng Yaohua’s face. “That’s good. I have acquaintances in the hospital of the military base, they told me that his liver cirrhosis is already very serious, and he even has hepatic ascites infiltration in certain areas. With these kinds of developments, he could already die of pain without it having to evolve to liver cancer. With me giving him the medicine, coupled with the military base hospital’s adjuvant treatment Will he be able to recover?”

If he really did recover, then Peng Yaohua would have to bang his head on the wall.

“Don’t worry. You don’t even need to consider late stage liver cirrhosis with liver ascites, this medicine can’t even do much for people with general late stage liver cirrhosis. It only has an analgesic effect, whereby a person will become addicted after taking it for a long time.”

Peng Yaohua was taken aback, and then said angrily, “Are you sabotaging me? Do you think the commander-in-chief will take this medicine immediately after receiving it? If he gets someone to test the medicine and finds out that the analgesic inside it is addictive, do you think I’ll make it to see the sunrise?”

“Don’t worry, this was developed only in our country, and it was developed by the most mysterious genius pharmacist in our country. Who could possibly analyze all the ingredients in whatever concoction he developed? That genius pharmacist was about to destroy this thing because it was addictive, but it was rescued by other researchers.

“Therefore, just rest assured that your country of Camino still doesn’t have the advanced medical technology needed to analyze the addictive ingredients in this. Even if the ingredients are eventually identified, your boss would be long gone. To be honest, although this medicine is addictive, it can also mitigate his pain greatly. I daresay he will even thank you.”

After making sure that this medicine could not cure Leng Jinpeng, and would also relieve his pain at the same time, Peng Yaohua finally relaxed and hung up the phone.

He could not wait for Leng Jinpeng to come and thank him with a smile.

If he did this act of heroism, he firmly believed that Leng Jinpeng would lend him his support before he died.

As for Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan, who were in Leng Jinpeng’s office, Peng Yaohua did not really guve them much of an aftethought.

No matter how powerful Chi Yang was, he was only a captain, and when it came to his promotion, he would not be an obstacle. Not only was he not a stumbling block, after he had improved his relationship with Leng Jinpeng, Chi Yang might even become a big help on his path to meritorious service…

Thinking of this, Peng Yaohua felt that today was really a happy and exciting day.

He could almost see the day when he would soon take the position of commander-in-chief.

He had asked about this before and was he would have to wait for a year at most.

If his liver ascites could be suppressed this time, it would definitely develop into liver cancer within half a year.

If it could not be kept under control, when the ascites eventually comes and brings with it the rotting of the internal organs, he would not even be able to hold on for another year.

Peng Yaohua sat alone in the office for a long time, quietly joyful.

Meanwhile, Leng Jinpeng returned to the office after receiving the medicine.

“Little girl, Deputy Commander-in-chief Peng gave me some medicine earlier, saying that it’s the latest development from Sab, and it has not entered the market yet. Apparently, they’ve done many trials on patients with liver cirrhosis and claim that the effects are astounding.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes lit up, and she looked up her list. “Let me have a look at it.”


Leng Jinpeng quickly placed the bags in front of Zhong Nuannuan.

After taking out the medicine and removing its packaging, she saw its pharmacology printed on the bottle. Although the characters were small, it was enough for Zhong Nuannuan to see clearly.

However, after reading the contents of the bottle clearly, Zhong Nuannuan’s gaze turned cold. She opened the bottle and poured a tablet out