My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Theres Something Wrong With The Medicine

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After that, she took out a piece of paper, grounded the medicine into powder, put a little powder onto her tongue, then tasted it. Instantly, her gaze became even colder.

“Is this the medicine that the deputy-commander-in-chief who joined on the dogpiling of Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang gave you earlier?”

Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang raised their eyebrows, and Leng Jinpeng asked, “Why? Is there a problem with it?”

There was a problem alright!

There was a huge problem!

She was the one that had developed the ingredients of this medicine in the past, but she later felt that it had too many negative effects on people, so she gave up on this line of pharmacology.

However, the things that were abandoned and destroyed by her were now about to enter Sab’s market. This could only mean that there was a spy among the group of scientific researchers that she recruited back then who stole the items she had strictly ordered to be discarded, and who had even salvaged some of the waste.

The only word that could be used to describe what happened in her research and development company was ‘unimaginable’. This group of people were really not afraid of death! How dare they disobey her orders!

Of course, it was impossible for Zhong Nuannuan to tell Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang these things.

“Uncle Leng, there is a big problem with this medicine.”

Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang looked at each other, and then looked back at Zhong Nuannuan, waiting for her to continue.

“This medicine contains a variety of pharmacological materials that do not constitute neurostimulant ingredients.”

As Zhong Nuannuan was speaking, she took out some pen and paper to write out some obscure, enigmatic pharmacology, then drew some pharmacological structure diagrams.

After finishing the drawings, she explained, “Look, Uncle Leng, there are a total of seven main pharmacologies in this.

“Among these pharmacologies, these two are analgesic, which is to inhibit the activation of nerve cells, this one has an anti-anxiety effect, this one has an antidepressant effect, and these two are to accelerate the metabolism of enzymes in the body. These pharmacologies alone are no problem, and even seem to have a very good inhibitory effect on your condition. However, the combination of these three pharmacologies that I’ve circled will synthesize this group of toxins below, and these two groups of pharmacologies mixed together will produce this type of toxin.

“Although those two enzyme metabolizing drugs do have an effect on your liver, the newly produced toxins will not only obliterate this weak positive effect, but will also place a greater burden on your liver. Your liver can now be said to be at the end of its tether, and it simply cannot withstand such a heavy load.

“Therefore, after you take this medicine, it will make your pain go away and make you feel as if your body is much better, or even back to normal, but within just four months, the toxins in your body will erupt completely. By then, the pain will reappear, and it will always signal the end of your life. This medicine can be said to be the final nail in the coffin.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words made Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang’s faces darken.

“Uncle Leng, if you don’t believe me, these are the names of the drugs contained. You can ask specialized drug supervisors to test the drugs to see if they can identify them. After that, you can ask them to combine these few to see if they will form the last two sets of toxins that I mentioned. Next, feed these toxins to healthy white mice and see how long it will take for them to die after consumption.”

Leng Jinpeng called Chen Wei in, handed him Zhong Nuannuan’s note and a bottle of medicine, and then repeated to him what Zhong Nuannuan had told him.

“Yes, I will do it immediately.”

“Remember to keep it secret.”


After Chen Wei left, Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan with a curious expression.

Upon seeing the two pairs of eager eyes, Zhong Nuannuan felt a little embarrassed.