My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Dog Food

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She scratched her head. “Why are you two looking at me?”

Chi Yang’s eyes were filled with happiness and satisfaction.

“Nuannuan, you’re amazing!”

Leng Jinpeng was also astonished. “Little Girl Nuan, how did you manage to analyze the pharmaceutical ingredients of Western medicine with just a little taste? You even analyzed it so thoroughly. I feel that this could only be made through the detailed analysis of precision instruments!”

“…” Zhong Nuannuan looked at Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang with a smile, but in her heart, she secretly went through several kinds of lies, and finally chose an excuse that was both easier to understand and was far from the truth.

“My master accepted me as a disciple and taught me acupuncture in the beginning because my memory was so strong that it was almost genius-like. In order to train me, not only did he teach me how to recognize acupuncture points and learn techniques, he even taught me how to recognize herbs and learn both Chinese and Western medicine. Therefore, not only do I know more than 57,000 types of acupuncture therapies, I can also identify almost all Chinese herbal medicines and Western medicines, so I know almost all the principles of Chinese and Western medicine and drug combinations. In many cases I can recognize the pharmaceutical ingredients contained in drugs using just my taste. This is my secret, now that I’ve told you about it, please remember to keep it a secret for me.”

Both Leng Jinpeng and Chi Yang were speechless.

When she saw that both of them were silent, Zhong Nuannuan thought that they still did not believe her. “… What’s wrong?”

Chi Yang shook his head, walked to Zhong Nuannuan and leaned down. He kissed Zhong Nuannuan on the lips in front of Leng Jinpeng, and only stopped after seven seconds.

“Nothing, I just think that my future wife is really incredible. I feel that I have such good foresight since I was able to notice you at a glance from amongst the vast crowd. I feel that I’m the happiest man in the world since I chose you.”

Leng Jinpeng was dumbfounded. ‘…Can you protect the animals please?’1

Chi Yang was not a person who could express his thoughts very well, and Zhong Nuannuan felt very happy that he could confess to her like this. She felt happier than back when she had a candlelight dinner with Chi Yang.

Therefore, although she felt a little shy, Zhong Nuannuan felt that she should still encourage Chi Yang’s serious confession.

Hence, she reached out and hooked her hands around Chi Yang’s neck. The moment the other party understood her intentions, he immediately bent over and leaned forward. Zhong Nuannuan slightly sat upright, and met Chi Yang’s lips.

After kissing Chi Yang’s lips, she still felt that it was not enough, so she kissed his firm and defined cheeks again, and then looked at him very seriously. “Being able to be found by you also made me the happiest woman in this world.”

Standing alone in the middle of the office, Leng Jinpeng could not help rubbing his slightly aching eyes.

He suddenly wanted to call Qu Mingyi over.

He felt like he could not finish this huge pile of dog food alone!

Watching the couple completely ignoring his existence, one of them sitting on his office chair and the other leaning on his desk with that affectionate look…

Leng Jinpeng coughed to interrupt them, wanting to remind them that everyone was responsible for caring for animals.

However, he was extremely sad to find that the couple had already reached the state of his non-existence, and could not hear his reminder at all.

What could he do?

He felt very helpless too!

“Knock knock knock!”

Qu Mingyi heard the knock on the door and thought it was a security guard, so he said casually, “Come in.”

At the next moment, the door was opened, and he saw Leng Jinpeng walking in.

Qu Mingyi hurriedly got up. “Commander-in-chief? Why are you here?”

Leng Jinpeng walked into Qu Mingyi’s office, saw a pack of cigarettes on his desk, and his Adam’s apple could not help but quiver. He casually picked up a cigarette and prepared to light it up.