My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Practice Spitting Ivory

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Seeing that Leng Jinpeng was quite embarrassed to answer, Zhong Nuannuan quickly said, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Although you’re a soldier, you’re also a patient. Although I’m not a doctor, I have the right to know about your condition. I just want to know how much pain you’re feeling now.”

Under Chi Yang’s solemn gaze, Leng Jinpeng answered hesitantly.

“I will feel dull pain a few times a day.”

“How many times exactly? How long does the pain last each time? Zhong Nuannuan asked.

“About three or four times, and each time it lasts between half an hour to an hour.”

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Leng Jinpeng and pulled the rug from under him mercilessly. “This is not considered a dull pain anymore. Even if the liver area is damaged, the pain is not obvious. Those who can clearly feel the pain are already in a very bad state. In addition to this, your pain lasts between half an hour to an hour. Generally, if the pain lasts for more than five minutes, it will become unbearable. Therefore, your pain cannot be categorized as a mere dull pain.”

After glancing at Chi Yang, whose expression darkened, Leng Jinpeng’s mouth twitched slightly.

“However, ever since you administered acupuncture to me that day, I’ve felt much better.”

“In what way?”

“The night before, I slept very well through the night; I never woke up and did not feel any pain at all. I also felt very good the next morning. It wasn’t until the next afternoon that I started to feel a bit of dull pain. Although I had spats of dull pain on the third day, the pain was much better than usual, and was not even half the usual pain.”

After Leng Jinpeng finished speaking, Chi Yang made a sullen face and decided to make a decision. “From tomorrow onwards, you should ask for leave, don’t come to work at the military base anymore. I have extra rooms in my apartment, and it’s also close to Nuannuan’s school. Nuannuan can give you acupuncture after school.”

Leng Jinpeng’s eyes widened. “I’m the commander-in-chief of this military base! What qualifications do you have to issue orders to a commander, kid?”

“So what? Don’t forget your prerequisites for coming here. Be careful, if I make a report and submit it, you’ll never return.”

Leng Jinpeng was shocked!

“Are you threatening me?”

“It’s not that I’m stopping you forever, you can come back to work once your pain is gone. I’m doing this for your own good, I don’t want you to come here to live out your golden years in service of our country, only to end up sacrificing your life.”

Leng Jinpeng was furious. “You Are you practicing how to spit ivory?”

Spit ivory?

Zhong Nuannuan was taken aback, and after thinking about it, she suddenly realized what he meant Was the commander-in-chief calling her Big Brother Chi Yang a dog? (TN: This is a reference to a Chinese idiom, “Ivory cannot be spitted out of a dog’s mouth”, which means that good words cannot come out of a scoundrel’s mouth.)

He went through such a big roundabout just to scold others It seemed that the commander-in-chief and chief of staff were both old foxes.


Seeing that Chi Yang was about to get angry, Zhong Nuannuan hurried to his side to smoothen his hair.

“I’m asking this because I have a way to relieve his pain. Although the commander-in-chief’s illness is severe, there’ll definitely be no problem treating it with proper acupuncture treatment.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words made Chi Yang and Leng Jinpeng’s eyes light up.

Not only could it be cured, his pain during the treatment could even be reduced; This idea was inconceivable to Leng Jinpeng.


“Of course it’s true! My Nuannuan said it, so can it be false? Although my Nuannuan is not a doctor, she’s much better than those so-called doctors. With more than 57,000 acupuncture techniques in her arsenal, surely one of them can help with that little pain of yours.”

Before Zhong Nuannuan managed to speak, Chi Yang had already answered for her.

He was also benefiting from his fiance’s expertise every day. Originally, he had extremely poor sleep and often had headaches, but after a few rounds of acupuncture, Chi Yang realized that not only did his sleep become better, he was even experiencing less headaches.