My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 343

Chapter 343: A Lonely Old Man

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The more time he spent with his little wife, the more secrets he discovered about her. Even so, he respected her secrets and even felt quite happy that she had such abilities.

“Why are you making me go home when your little wife is such a capable person?”

Leng Jinpeng could not help rebuking Chi Yang. He felt himself acting more fragile than usual when enviously facing such a loving couple who were not shy about their public displays of affection.

Why should a lonely, old man such as him suffer through this?

Chi Yang may refer to his Nuannuan as his little wife privately in his heart, but he had yet to get that marriage license, which stopped him from referring to her as such in public.

Even though he had been rebuked by Leng Jinpeng, in reality, Leng Jinpeng had said out loud what he had always been thinking, which made Chi Yang feel elated.

He loved hearing others say, “Your little wife xx”

Even if such words were framed negatively, he did not care in the slightest.

It was a wonder that Leng Jinpeng was able to tell that Chi Yang was feeling happy with that serious expression on his face. Having said that, he had spent the past 26 years with this young man and was able to tell what Chi Yang was thinking with just the slightest twitch in his facial muscles.

Leng Jinpeng was able to tell that this young brat was not angered by his words, rather, it cheered the young man up quite a bit.

Leng Jinpeng silently pursed his lips as he reflected on what he had just said.

He had to admit that he was partially responsible for giving them a chance at displaying such adoration for each other.

If he knew that saying something like ‘Your little wife xxx’ would make Chi Yang so happy, he would have refrained from voicing those words.

Zhong Nuannuan was slightly exasperated from seeing these two testosterone-filled men arguing in front of her.

“Uncle Leng, I noticed that you’ve had a quite a good appetite before, and did not expect for you to have such a terrible migraine. That was why I’ve previously brought along normal acupuncture needles. I wanted to observe your condition after the acupuncture but didn’t have any threads with me that day. I’ve taken the time to buy some threads this afternoon, so I would like to conduct thread embedding on you.”

“What does thread embedding mean? Will you run the thread through my stomach?”

Leng Jinpeng had always feared needles, but he did not feel any pain when Zhong Nuannuan had helped him with the acupuncture the other day. In fact, he even found the results to be soothing. Otherwise, he would not have listened to Zhong Nuannuan so obediently when it came to impaling him with needles, and would have made a run for it the second the needles appeared.

Now that he was hearing that they needed to sew some threads in his stomach, he suddenly felt his throat go dry.

Zhong Nuannuan knew Leng Jinpeng had misunderstood when she saw the look on his face.

“Uncle Leng, was it painful being pricked by those needles?”

“The needles didn’t feel painful, but”

“That’s it then. Thread embedding won’t hurt any more than being pricked by needles. Why don’t you lie down?”

Leng Jinpeng, “”

He glanced at Chi Yang, hoping the young man would say something on his behalf. He would prefer it for Zhong Nuannuan to come by a few more times after class to give him acupuncture, but he swallowed the words in his mouth when he looked at that serious face.

“Nuannuan, can you help him do acupuncture every day? If it’s not convenient for you, I can take him to the city. Do you think the effects will be better if you give him acupuncture every day or would thread embedding be better?”

Leng Jinpeng looked at Chi Yang. It was rare for this young brat to be so kind as to speak up on his behalf. Even so, it was well worth it to be tortured than to suffer through their lovey-dovey actions.

“Stop looking at me that way. I’m not helping you to get away from thread embedding. I just wanted to find out which treatment will have a better effect on you. If thread embedding is better, I’ll never again suggest for Nuannuan to come here every day to give you acupuncture.”

Leng Jinpeng, “”

With that, both men looked toward Zhong Nuannuan like a pair of spotlights shining on her.

“The reasoning is actually pretty simple. Uncle Leng says that the effects of my acupuncture on him last only till the next morning. That is why”