My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Binge Watching Dramas

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Leng Jinpeng interrupted, “Who says that it lasts only till the next day? It clearly lasted until the third day. I didn’t feel half of the pain from before, and even today, I can totally bear it.”

“Why would you even need to bear it?”

Leng Jinpeng, “”

Does this mean there was no way out?

“The pain will seriously affect your cerebral nerve. Once your cerebral nerves are damaged, all other organs within your body will easily experience a series of inflammation because of the pain. That is why I need to use more forceful methods to stop your pain.

“Even if I helped you with acupuncture every day, you would only feel relaxed for half a day. If I could embed threads within you, it could last for at least half a month. This type of thread can be absorbed by your body, which will take around half a month. Your body will not feel intense pain before the embedded threads are absorbed either. They will work much more effectively than painkillers, and the effects will be much more positive if we conduct an acupuncture session every three days and a thread embedding session every half a month.

“Even though I can help you with the acupuncture every day, but the effects of frequent acupuncture and conducting it every three days is almost the same. Even if I were to help you with acupuncture every night, if you’re going to suffer the symptoms the next afternoon, wouldn’t it be better if I just helped you with thread embedding?”

Chi Yang immediately slammed his palm on the table in agreement. “Nuannuan, stop explaining. Let’s just help him with thread embedding.”

“Okay,” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

Leng Jinpeng, “”

Did he agree to it?

Leng Jinpeng glanced at Chi Yang’s cold, determined eyes, and finally complied by lying down.

Even though thread embedding hurt slightly more than acupuncture, it still felt several times better than going through the painful anti-inflammatory injection given by the hospital’s doctor using cold and unfeeling needles.

Soon, Leng Jinpeng managed to relax.

Leng Jinpeng felt the tension leave his body completely after he was done with thread embedding.

“I don’t feel strange at all.”

“Of course! My Nuannuan’s skill is incomparable to anyone else.”

A bright and beautiful smile appeared on Zhong Nuannuan’s face when she looked at Chi Yang, who was always ready to praise her up to the heavens. The smile almost blinded Chi Yang.

He could not help but go for that bright and beautiful smile, quickly leaning in for a kiss.

Leng Jinpeng’s eyes widened.

Leng Jinpeng quickly left at yet another display of public affection, and ran toward the office next door as he knocked on it.

No one opened the door even after he knocked on it for quite a while.

A guard who was passing by during a routine building inspection approached him. Leng Jinpeng asked, “Where’s the chief-of-staff?”

The guard straightened up and gave him a standard, official salute. “Reporting to the commander-in-chief, the chief-of-staff has already left work. He wanted me to inform you that he has been binge-watching dramas recently.”

Leng Jinpeng, “”

What a strike to the heart!

Zhong Nuannuan soon returned to Chi Yang’s dormitory with him. When they got to the third floor, they spotted the overbearing mother and daughter team of Sister-in-law Chen and Chen Lirong moving their luggage. Zhong Nuannuan bumped right into them.

Chen Lirong was dragging a piece of luggage while Sister-in-law Chen was carrying a huge woven bag. The mother and daughter walked one after the other.

Zhong Nuannuan had thought this mother and daughter pair would start insulting her at the mere sight of her, probably even going as far as to claim she’s a seductress. She had not expected Chen Lirong’s tears to flow upon seeing Chi Yang and her, with Chi Yang holding her hands.

Chen Lirong looked at Chi Yang expectantly, with blinking eyes that seemed pitiful.

However, all she had received from Chi Yang were cold and distant looks.

The glare, which was as chilling as a blizzard, completely destroyed the last bit of Chen Lirong’s hopes. Cheng Lirong immediately howled as she carried her luggage downstairs.

Sister-in-law Chen, who was behind Chen Lirong, wanted to glare at Zhong Nuannuan, but a sour look appeared on her face when she felt Chi Yang’s gaze on her.