My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 345

Chapter 345: A Must To Act Jealous And To Calm Him Down

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In the end, she did not glare at her. In fact, all she did was grunt as she followed her daughter downstairs.

“Let’s go.”

Chi Yang pulled Zhong Nuannuan’s hand as they walked up toward the sixth floor back to his home.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, what’s going on with Chen Lirong and her mother? What did you do?”

“I transferred Chen Lirong to the Wan District for border support.”

Zhong Nuannuan, “Urm I won’t be jealous of her!”

If she were to be jealous over a minor character who was not even worth mentioning, she would probably die of frustration over those bevies of young girls constantly circling Big Brother Chi Yang in Emperor District.

However, Chi Yang looked serious as he took the effort to explain, “Even though you won’t get jealous over her, I still wouldn’t want you to be affected by the idea of such characters around me.”

“Big Brother Chi Yang, they won’t affect me in any way. I know that I’m the only one you like.”

“Didn’t she mention that she had an advantage because she was positioned somewhere near me? That was why I needed to place her further away.”

Zhong Nuannaun, “”

No wonder Chen Lirong looked like she was nursing a grievance. The trouble had been caused by that sentence she had uttered in their home.

“Won’t you be criticized for using your power to oppress others?”

Chi Yang had such a special status, and as a result, there were so many watching him, waiting for him to fall off his pedestal.

“Her father had agreed to this. Besides, I didn’t oppress anybody with my status. She might have been transferred to the Wan District, but she was promoted from second lieutenant to first lieutenant. If she did not go on border support duty, she would need at least another five years to rise through the ranks under her current circumstances. I helped her save five years of her youth, so what’s so bad about that? What’s wrong? You’re not willing for me to transfer her away?”

Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan with a smug look on his face, much like a domineering CEO. Zhong Nuannuan knew that if she said it did not matter to her, this man would be petty enough to remember her answer for quite a long time.

Zhong Nuannuan immediately transformed into an obedient, cute little furball of a kitty cat in order to calm her man down and stop him from thinking about this matter. She quickly nuzzled against him. “Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I want her kept away? I don’t like the thought of another woman by your side!”

Chi Yang’s handsome face still had a serious expression. It took a while before he awkwardly replied, “Hmm, you did just mention that you wouldn’t be jealous.”

Under the same circumstances, Chi Yang would be jealous no matter what kind of man wanted to get close to Zhong Nuannuan, or even had thoughts about her. He would dislike that man a lot and would want that person as far away from Zhong Naunnuan as possible.

Yet, his Nuannuan had said she would not get jealous.

It was chilling!

It was heartbreaking!

It felt terrible!

“I said I won’t be jealous because I wanted to be magnanimous! I don’t want you to think of me as a petty woman, much less think someone who didn’t know right from wrong and always acted jealous. I don’t want to be the kind of woman who would give you trouble over such a minor issue.”

Zhong Nuannuan felt more maligned than Dou E (TN: Dou E was a character in a Chinese opera who suffered great injustice, being wrongly convicted of murder and later executed because she could not stand up for herself).

Did she break her Big Brother Chi Yang’s glass heart by acting maturely?

Zhong Nuannuan quickly continued when she saw Chi Yang hesitating, “If you don’t like me acting so magnanimously, I can”

“I don’t like it at all,” Chi Yang quickly revealed his feelings about the matter.

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

He should have let her finish her words first.

“I don’t like it when you act so magnanimous. I like it when you’re jealous.”

There was a fiery look in Chi Yang’s eyes as he said this very sincerely.

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “Okay. The next time someone dares have any ideas about you, I’ll get jealous and tear the other party apart, okay?”

The serious look on his face finally melted away as a subtle smile appeared. “Okay.”

Zhong Nuannuan, “”