My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Face Flushed With Blood

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“You really won’t think of me as being unreasonable?”

“I won’t,” he wanted to see her being unreasonable over him. That way, he would know that she cared about him.

“What if I tear someone apart and ended up creating a huge mess over it?” She did not care about those women in the Jiang District, but it was a different matter with the women in the Emperor District, whom she had to keep her guard up against.

With her bold and resolute personality, angering the wrong person might spell a great deal of trouble.

“There’s nothing to fear. I’ll be here to hold up the sky even if it falls on you.”


Zhong Nuannuan was not expecting to be teased so much. Now, her face was completely flushed.

“Do you need to study tonight?”

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “I don’t.”

“It’s still early. Is there anything you want me to do with you?”

Zhong Nuannuan gave it a long thought. “Nothing feels boring when I have Big Brother Chi Yang with me.”

This time, Chi Yang was the one who was provokingly teased. His serious expression became gentle.

“Me too. Still, it is still quite early right now. Do you want to watch a movie? I have two tickets for an eight-thirty show. There’s still half an hour to go and it will take only 15 minutes to drive to the cinema.”

The tickets had been booked by the guard, Chen Ke.

That expert at wooing a future wife had said that girls needed to be accompanied.

Chi Yang had to leave for duty the next morning and he had not truly spent time with his own future wife even once despite being together for such a long time. Hence, Chi Yang felt quite apologetic to his Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes lit up. She had never expected her Big Brother Chi Yang, who had close to no EQ, to have such an idea up his sleeve. “Yes! Let’s go!”

She had never been to the movies with her boyfriend before in both of her lives.

She wanted to know what it felt like to be a normal girl who held her boyfriend’s hand as she stuffed her face with coke and popcorn.

Chi Yang felt glad when he saw his little wife so excited. He quietly decided to give Chen Ke merit for offering such a great suggestion.

They had just gotten back to the dorm, but immediately turned back downstairs again.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, they bumped in Sister-in-law Chen and Chen Lirong again.

Sister-in-law Chen thought Zhong Nuannuan had come downstairs just to flaunt herself, so she could not help shouting in a rage, “What kind of person is this?!”

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

“Don’t think you are the final victor just because you managed to seduce Director-General Chi. Even if you used your vixen tactics to get rid of our Lirong, you will never be the final victor!”

“Just think about it. Chi Yang became a director-general at such a young age. His future lays bright in front of him. How could he be held down by a vixen such as yourself? Our Lirong will be able to get herself married to a good man who matches our family, but you Hohoho, I long for the day when you’ll be pushed down to the level of a lowly woman!”

Wow, what an angry woman. Who knew one would bump into a mad dog just by walking downstairs to catch a movie?

Zhong Nuannuan had only just gotten approval from Chi Yang to display her combat prowess and to lash out at this disgusting woman, but in the end, Chi Yang was the one who replied with full force.

“She is the only one who can be my wife. I’ve already chosen her and I will be loyal to her. Anyone who makes an enemy out of Zhong Nuannuan will become my enemy too. Are you planning to get Commander Chen promoted by saying those words?”

Sister-in-law Chen instantly became panicked.

Her daughter might suffer a little, get exhausted a little, and be a little worse for wear after transferring to Wan District for border support, but her life would not be in danger.

If her Old Man Chen got a promotion, that would mean he would need to earn merit immediately. Earning merit meant he would need to go on a mission, which was equivalent to placing his life on the line.