My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Youll Fall To Your Death

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Old Chen might still be strong, but he was no longer a young man. Doing anything dangerous at his age meant that there was no guarantee that he would return home alive or in one piece.

Sister-in-law Chen’s face turned pale at Chi Yang’s threat. She swallowed and did not dare to say another word.

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

What had happened to his approval to tear the other person apart?

She was completely prepared to have a go at the cheap mouth that was attached to Sister-in-law Chen’s face. However, she had only just rolled up her sleeves when this protective man snatched away her duties.

How was she supposed to display the jealous side of her?!

Chen Lirong’s tears fell once again while standing at the side. She cried as she spoke pitifully at Zhong Nuannnuan, “I’m about to leave now. Why do you still need to take the trouble to insult me and make a joke out of me? So what if I like Big Brother Chi? Is it wrong for me to like someone? Do both of you need to treat me this way? You are too much! Sob sob sob sob”

Chi Yang decided not to continue aggravating them when he saw Chen Lirong crying so sadly. Zhong Nuannuan finally found a chance to say something.

“It’s not wrong for you to like someone, but when you are clearly aware the other party doesn’t like you back and even has a fiance, yet you are still determined to get close to him while provoking the people around, that is considered wrong of you.”

“Even now, all we’re doing is walking by you to be on the way to the cinema, yet your mother is pointedly scolding me for no good reason. My fianc does not like me to be insulted and was just helping me to sound her out. How is that being too much? So, your mother is allowed to call me a vixen and curse me to become a lowly woman, and I should accept her insults so as not to be too much?”

Chen Lirong, “”

“Stop pretending to be a pure, white lotus. At the very least, you should try to be smarter. Otherwise, you’ll really become a little, white flower, which is a purely stupid person.”

Chen Lirong, “!!!”

“Big Brother Chi Yang, let’s not continue conversing with a stupid person. We’ll just be degrading ourselves. Let’s go.”

Chi Yang tousled his little wife’s little hair gently. His previous dissatisfaction had dissipated when his little wife was berating the two.

It was especially enjoyable to listen to his little wife scolding the women who liked Chi Yang.

“Let’s go.”

Chi Yang’s car was parked very near the building while the car picking up Chen Lirong was located quite far off at an inconvenient area. Sister-in-law Chen and Chen Lirong could only watch as Chi Yang opened the door of his powerful Land Rover, waiting for Zhong Nuannuan to sit inside before walking over to the driver’s seat and getting in. He started the car and left the residue of exhaust smoke hanging over Chen Lirong and her mother when the car drove away.

Chen Lirong sobbed even louder, which angered Sister-in-law Chen. She roared, “Crying, crying, crying, all you know is to cry! What’s the point of crying? Can you cry yourself a man? All she did was rebuked you and you coward away, and you still expect yourself to be able to seduce a man? If that man doesn’t want you, it’s because you’ve brought it on yourself!”

She scolded towards the vanishing car after yelling at Chen Lirong, “Who do you think you are?! Who knows what connection you’ve pulled to get yourself the position of director-general at such a young age! Go on and act brashly. Someone will pull you down from where you are one day. The higher you are, the harder you fall, when that day comes, you’ll fall to your death!”

Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan were long ago and whatever the pair of mother and daughter yelled did not bother them at all.

There was still 10 minutes before the movie started after they arrived at the cinema and parked the car.

There were two very popular movies playing then.

One of them was biochemistry themed. The story was about a major company in Sab that conducted research on biochemical weapons which resulted in the extinction of mankind and the appearance of vast amounts of zombies. The story evolved around the female lead and her friends as they attempted to escape while searching for the headquarters of that company, planning to destroy it and annihilate the zombies to save mankind.