My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Looking For Trouble

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It was the fourth installment of the movie and it had gathered more fans along the way.

The other movie was extremely popular and was a franchise as well. The story was about a quiet, unknown boy who was bitten by a spider in a laboratory, causing spider genes to appear and mutate within him. It was a story about how he became a superhero, which also garnered many fans.

This was why even though it was not the weekends and it was already eight-thirty, there was still a huge crowd in the lobby.

These two films had been produced by the Imperial Phoenix Film Industry. Thus, Zhong Nuanuan was quite happy to see it garner such a huge box office as one of the producers. No one could find wrong with money.

She had always been following these two movies and liked them a lot, which was why she was okay with whatever choice her Brother Chi Yang picked.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, wait here for me. I’ll go get us a box of popcorn.”

Zhong Nuannuan went ahead to queue up as she said this.

It was very crowded, and when she was about to reach the line, a woman behind her suddenly ran pass her and knocked into Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannaun wondered what this person’s emergency was but did not think much about it. She had even moved to the side to let her through. Hence, she had not expected the girl who knocked into her to stop suddenly just as Zhong Nuannuan was only one step away from the line. The girl stopped right in front of her.

Zhong Nuannuan realized the girl wanted to cut in front of her, which was why she had sprinted from a hundred meters away. It was all to have one less person lining up in front of her.


When the girl reached her spot, she even got worried that Zhong Nuannuan would cross to bypass her and immediately moved backward, attempting to force Zhong Nuannuan back. If Zhong Nuannuan had not been agile enough to move back, she would have been stepped on by this girl.

Zhong Nuannuan took a deep breath as she stared at the girl’s round, thick face and her slightly oily hair. She was thinking about watching the movie with her Big Brother Chi Yang later, and it was their first date. Therefore, it was better if she let this matter go.

The girl seemed to be delighted with being able to get a place in front. She turned toward Zhong Nuannuan and shouted in a voice that could cause the heavens to shake, “I’ve got a place, come over quick!”

It was lucky that Zhong Nuannuan was a head taller than the girl, otherwise, her face would have been covered in spit.

Seven or eight guys and girls appeared quickly in a group after the girl shouted.

They were in pairs. The girls looked like students while the guys They were sleek-haired and dandy-faced, looking like gangsters from the streets. There was one particularly striking member who had a full head of golden hair. He had an SMT fashion style (TN: SMT or Smart style has nothing to do with the word smart. It is an urban term in China for a weird punkish fashion style that is extremely visual) with bright leather shoes.

Zhong Nuannuan tried to hold back the coarse words in her heart as she watched the group chatter away. She backed off a little to give way to them.

However, even if she was not looking for trouble, trouble came looking for her.

That golden-haired guy glanced at Zhong Nuannuan, which eventually turned into a stare.

After all, Zhong Nuannuan looks stood out even amongst celebrities, what more ordinary folk. It was quite rare to see someone as jaw-droppingly beautiful as she was.

In addition to that, her exquisitely pretty face had quite the enchanting effect. In the eyes of men, there was just something about her that was asking to be conquered and possessed.

Just like that, those university girls that those guys had taken out did not seem that attractive anymore.

Before the guy could say a word, the plump girl in front of him said unhappily, “Where are your eyes looking?”

If the plump girl’s first words were directed at the guy, Zhong Nuannuan would have said he deserved it, but the next sentence rendered her speechless.