My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Nuannuan Hit Someone

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“Seducing a man in public, are you? Who do you think you are?! Just because you’re pretty, you think you can seduce someone’s boyfriend?”

The girl’s voice was so loud that she was almost roaring. Zhong Nuannuan immediately became the focus of the public’s eye.

It took Zhong Nuannuan a while to react. Who was that fat girl shouting at?!

“What’s going on?”

Another girl came toward them. The girl was prettier than the plump girl in the line.

“Lan Lan, this girl has been eyeing Brother Wei since he came over and wants to seduce him.”

Lan Lan looked closely at Zhong Nuannuan and realized that Zhong Nuannuan looked breathtakingly beautiful without makeup on. She did not do her hair and only tied it up in a bun at the top of her head, yet she looked pure and pretty. It made Lan Lan burn with jealousy as she stamped straight ahead to the front.

Lan Lan grabbed onto the hands of the guy with golden hair and looked menacingly at Zhong Nuannuan, “Why are you staring at my boyfriend? Do you think you’re allowed to seduce a man in public just because you look pure and innocent?”

“Lan Lan, don’t you know there are women now who enjoy pretending to be pure, white lotuses? They may look pure and innocent, but they are actually b*tches!” The plump girl immediately criticized Zhong Nuannuan alongside Lan Lan.

Zhong Nuannuan felt a rush of blood to her head. Not only did they cut in line, but they were also barking at her like mad dogs.

Just as she was about to tear them apart in a rage, she felt a cold chill coming at her from behind. Those girls and the juvenile gangsters from the streets, including the golden-haired guy, also felt it and were instantly stunned.

A large hand gentle fell on Zhong Nuannuan’s shoulders before it pulled her into his arms.

The man had such a powerful aura that it could cause a heart to explode, and he had such a good-looking face that it took one’s breath away. Envious and jealous looks immediately shot out from all the girls in the group.

However, this man had such a powerful aura about him that he did not even need to say a word to silence the entire lobby.

When the few university girls saw Chi Yang, they knew that Brother Wei could not compare to this man. If they had such a handsome boyfriend, they would not take another look at Brother Wei.

That was why they shut their mouth in embarrassment.

However, Chi Yang was not done. He stared at the university girl named Lan Lan and asked, “What did you say about my fiance? Did you say she was staring at your boyfriend? And that she was seducing your boyfriend?”

The crowd watching the outburst suddenly exploded in a chatter when Chi Yang mentioned the word ‘fiance’.

That was right. They started discussing how ridiculous it was that such a pretty and elegant girl would go on to seduce a golden-haired guy.

Just take a look at her fianc, and look at that golden-haired guy. One look and anyone could tell that they were different species that did not even belong on the same planet!

Lan Lan went red and then pale at Chi Yang’s words. She had wanted to let this go, but when she heard the crowd discussing it, she felt that she had to defend her dignity. She raised her head in a sudden spurt of stubbornness and said, “My friend caught her staring at my boyfriend. How do you know that she isn’t a person who wants the best of both worlds?”

Zhong Nuannuan was disgusted by those words!

What the hell? She would not have hidden her ferociousness if she had not wanted to be a nice, obedient little kitty cat in front of her Big Brother Chi Yang. If that were the case, these bunch of flies would never dare to insult her.

Even so, she was still unable to let this go with Chi Yang around.

Slap! A clear, crisp slap could be heard. Lan Lan’s face immediately became swollen.

Slap! Another clear, crisp slap was heard. The face of the plump girl also started to swell