My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Fighting

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He had just flown up when he hit a wall behind him. Naturally, his flight was forced to come to an end.

The collision was accompanied by the sound of human flesh strongly hitting against a wall, and it made onlookers suddenly feel as if they had a myocardial infarction. Instantly, they began to scatter.

At first glance, the elite man was a martial practitioner!

He might even be a superb practitioner!

The girl named Lan Lan ran to help the golden-haired guy after letting out a shriek. Nevertheless, the golden-haired guy already had an ashen expression, and he let out a scream after being pulled by Lan Lan. Lan Lan dared not help him after that.

Seeing this, the remaining few gangsters drew their weapons.

All of them were belts.

However, their belts were somewhat interesting. It could be assumed that they often had to fight outside as, under the flick of a hidden buckle, the iron sheets of the belts stood up and formed iron barbs.

The onlookers exclaimed again and some shouted for help to dial 110 for Zhong Nuannuan and the others.

That was because if one were hurt by even one of those barbs, they would probably end up with lacerated wounds.

The group of people was simply too much!

Therefore, everyone took out their phones and collectively called the police.

One of the gangsters yelled, “If anyone dares call the police, I will kill that person!”

The onlookers in the front row were so scared that they immediately put their phones away. However, some of the onlookers in the back, who were farther away and blocked by the crowd, hid by the wall and phoned the police.

While the gangster was still speaking, another two gangsters began waving their belts and swinging them at Chi Yang.

The remaining gangster even branded his fist shamelessly at Zhong Nuannuan after shouting at the crowd.

Feeling the eagerness of the person in his arms, Chi Yang asked lovingly, “Do you want to beat them up?”

“Yeah.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

The very next moment, Chi Yang gently lifted his arms, and Zhong Nuannuan’s body flew up. Not only did her body avoid the belts that had been swung at her, but her leg was now aimed at her opponent’s face.

Seeing that her foot was about to hit the other party’s face before she had the time to bend it, Zhong Nuannuan retracted her foot in a frightening manner and then pretentiously came back to her senses as she kicked her opponent in the stomach.

Her footwork seemed like a series of messy kicks, but each attack she threw hit the weakest and most easily broken rib of her opponent.

The other party began to feel pain, and when he bent over, his face was met with Zhong Nuannuan’s feet. Only then did Zhong Nuannuan forcefully kick her opponent’s nose bridge.

The gangster only heard a crack, and his nose became crooked from the kick. The pain was so severe that he blacked out, and he no longer had any combat power.

Chi Yang did not even look at the two gangsters rushing toward him. The gangsters’ belts were wrapped around his hands. However, with some effort, he channeled strength into one of his wrists and gently pulled on the belt. Consequently, a gangster was dragged over by the tremendous force.

What greeted the gangster next was a fist the size of a sandbag.


The gangster screamed as his nose bridge was shattered. Additionally, he fell to the ground.

After that, Chi Yang held the belt in his hand and lashed at the other gangster, hitting the person directly in his face.

The gangster uttered a tragic scream and collapsed to the ground.

Subsequently, the onlookers realized that the person’s white nose bridge had been broken in two and a section of it was not jutting out of his nose.

In just the blink of an eye, the four gangsters had been beaten to the ground and could no longer get up. It was estimated that one of them had a broken rib, while the other three had their nose bridges broken.