My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 352

Chapter 352: Dazed

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What everyone did not know was that the person who had been kicked by Zhong Nuannuan also had a broken rib.

Regarding Zhong Nuannuan’s kick, the gangster howling on the ground could only suffer in silence.

Just like that, the four gangsters were all over the ground. The four female students could not help but scream when they saw this.

“Who reported the case?”

At this moment, a few police officers walked in from outside the hall. Upon noticing their arrival, the four girls ran toward them in the name of the victims.

“Uncle Policeman, they’re beating people up. Look at how they beat up our boyfriends? You have to call the shots for us!”

Hearing the fat girl’s words, Chi Yang, who was holding his fiancee’s hand, could clearly see goosebumps popping up on the latter’s arm.

Chi Yang could not help but feel distressed.

How much did the utterly coy “Uncle Policeman” address disgust Nuannuan?

The police were clueless as to what had happened. When they saw a few students complaining, they thought they were the ones who had called them. Therefore, under the four girls’ lead, they approached Chi Yang and asked solemnly, “Why are you causing trouble and beating up people in a public area?”

The bystanders could not look any further, and they told the police the truth. After the police had heard their side of the story, they looked at the four gangsters lying on the ground, and their attitude toward Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan improved. “Since this is the case, please accompany us back to the police station to record a confession so that the gangsters can be convicted.”

Chi Yang took out his military card from his arms.

The police officers suspiciously took his military card and looked at it. Their eyes widened, and they immediately straightened themselves before giving a military salute as they shouted in unison, “Greetings, director-general!”

The onlookers were startled.


He turned out to be the director-general of the military base’s special forces team!

Such a young and capable director-general!

Little did the bystanders know that the few police officers saluting him were countless times more shocked than them at this moment.


He turned out to be the director-general of the special forces team!

“I’m going to watch a movie with my fiancee tonight. The movie started two minutes ago, you can call me anytime if you need my confession.”

After saying that, he took out a pen and wrote down a phone number. “This is the phone number of my guard’s office, someone will always answer it no matter the time.”

“Yes, director-general!”

After the police officers received the phone number, they began to deal with the golden-haired guy and his sidekicks.

Then, a phone call was made and a few more police officers arrived. Without a doubt, the gangsters lying on the ground were brought into a vehicle.

Furthermore, the remaining two officers asked the four girls to accompany them to the police station for investigation.

The girl named Lan Lan and the fat girl were terribly frightened. One after the other, they said that they had actually just met the group of people and were not familiar with them; they were just students and could not go to the police station.

Zhong Nuannuan had not yet released her anger and immediately ensnared them by saying, “Oh, didn’t you just tell the police earlier that those people are your boyfriends?”

The onlookers instantly burst into laughter.

“Yes, and this happened because your boyfriend fell in love with this girl in the beginning, and you became jealous. That was the reason why you quarreled with this girl!”

“Exactly, you were even holding that big boss’ arm just now. Both of you were so close, how could you have just met each other?”

“Since you’re their girlfriends and are related to this matter, come with us.”

Lan Lan, the fat girl, and two other unlucky girls implicated in the incident were at a loss for words.

The few girls were so scared that they burst into tears at the thought of having to go to the police station.