My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 353

Chapter 353: The Movie Chosen By Chi Yang

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Nevertheless, Zhong Nuannuan did not care much about them. While the fat girl was still trying to argue with her, she went to the counter and said to the salesperson, “One super-large popcorn set.”

When the waiter put the popcorn bucket that was much larger than Zhong Nuannuan’s head in front of her, the corners of Chi Yang’s mouth twitched unconsciously.

His fiancee was really capable of eating.

Seeing the two large cups of Coke, Chi Yang’s gaze dimmed, and he said to Zhong Nuannuan, “Nuannuan, this cup of Coke is too cold and big, let’s just have one.”

“It’s a part of the set meal though. The set meal has two cups, and it can’t be refunded.”

“If it’s non-refundable, don’t take that cup then. You can’t drink so many cold drinks, let’s just take one cup and share it, okay?”

Chi Yang did not want to drink Coke. However, if he could share a straw with his fiancee, he was willing to do it.

“Okay.” As long as she was not deprived of her oversized bucket of popcorn, Zhong Nuannuan was very easy to talk to.

Hence, Chi Yang paid for the popcorn and walked toward the cinema while tenderly and considerately holding the cup of Coke in one hand while he hugged his fiancee with the other. On the other hand, Zhong Nuannuan was nestled in his arms, eating the popcorn intently.

When they walked into the cinema, the movie had started ten minutes ago.

Zhong Nuannnuan frowned, how had the movie been filmed in Japan? After all, it was a movie that she was heavily invested in. Whether it was a biochemical related one or a spider one, she felt that there should not be any films made in Japan, right? Could it be that after reliving her life, many things had changed, including the content of the movies she had been invested in?

Well, that was not impossible.

After all, she and Chi Yang had not been together in her previous life, and they even died tragically. In this life, they would live to be 100 years old.

If it changed, then let it be.

Zhong Nuannuan felt that the movie was very depressing. Additionally, judging by the looks of it, the protagonists were the mother and son. It has to be said there was also a little girl who always wore a yellow raincoat even when it was not raining.

Speaking of her, the little girl looked a bit like a ghost! Was it a new type of zombie?

In that case, they were probably watching a biochemical movie then?

Zhong Nuannuan looked around her, there wasn’t much of an audience around her!

Zhong Nuannuan tried to watch the zombies while she munched on her sweet and crispy popcorn. Her Big Brother Chi Yang sat next to her with his heart filled with sweet love.


At the moment when Zhong Nuannuan was distracted, a scream erupted from the audience, and the sound of popcorn being knocked over was heard.

Many women leaped into the arms of the men beside them at that moment.

Chi Yang looked at his fiancee in confusion. Chen Ke had said not to choose any movies that were popular and instead a horror movie. That was because girls were all afraid of ghosts, and when a girl got scared, a guy would be able to protect her as a man.

Chi Yang looked at his fiancee with an inquiring gaze.

Why did his Nuannuan not jump into his arms. Instead, she was still eating popcorn happily like a little hamster that had stolen oil? Was she not afraid?

Noticing Big Brother Chi Yang’s gaze, Zhong Nuannuan raised her head to meet it.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, what kind of movie is this? It doesn’t look like an apocalyptic movie or an Avengers movie.”

“This is a horror movie.”

Zhong Nuannuan was speechless.

‘Why aren’t we watching an apocalyptic movie or the Avengers movie?’ Zhong Nuannuan really wanted to ask.

However, after thinking about it, she assumed that there would be too many people watching them. Chi Yang hated crowds, so he probably chose a specific movie that fewer people would watch.

Thinking about it, Zhong Nuannuan felt relieved.