My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Chi Yang Is Leaving

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In the end, the little boy survived and left with his father. However, the boy’s mother was forever trapped in that house with the female ghost, and became the female ghost’s mother.

The plot was very simple, but when coupled with great special effects that amplified the horror, it caused the audience to scream again and again from fright.

The girls did not even eat their popcorn, instead choosing to nestle in the arms of their boyfriends one by one. They covered their eyes with their hands, only leaving a small gap in between their fingers as they watched the movie.

Zhong Nuannuan, who was captivated by the movie, completely ignored the screams of these women in the audience. After all, when she used to be upset in the past, she often went to the cinema alone to watch movies alone, and she would choose to watch whichever movies that were scariest.

Therefore, Zhong Nuannuan watched the film happily as she munched away at the popcorn.

Meanwhile, Chi Yang had no clue what the movie was about at all. He only knew that the other girls were snuggled against their boyfriends’ arms the whole time, while his Nuannuan was thick-skinned and never stopped eating popcorn.

Soon, the movie was over, and the popcorn was finished. The benefit Chi Yang had was that the two shared a straw for their drink.

Hence, a certain director-general silently decided in his heart that he should just lie down in bed and play when he had time in the future, instead of doing such time-wasting activities.

He felt that rolling in the bedsheets at home, enjoying Nuannuan undressing him, massaging him and giving him acupuncture was much more relaxing than this.

It was almost 11 o’clock when they got home.

Previously, Chi Yang would still struggle briefly and say that he wanted to sleep on the sofa, but after he had tasted goodness twice, he could no longer say such gentlemanly words no matter how hard he tried.

Thus, after taking a shower, he lay down next to Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannuan had also already prepared the equipment to be used for acupuncture.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I’ve gotten hold of the silver needles I wanted. Today, I’ll use specially made silver needles to give you acupuncture; its effects are much better than ordinary needles.”

Chi Yang’s lips raised slightly. “Okay.”

As long as his fiance was helping him, the method did not matter.

His fiance’s massage technique was so good that Chi Yang closed his eyes comfortably and could not utter the words he had been wanting to say for a long time.

After the massage and acupuncture session was complete, Zhong Nuannuan was exhausted. Seeing that Chi Yang was not asleep yet, she put her things away, got into his arms dazily, and found a comfortable position to lie down.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, are you thinking about something?”

Although her head was spinning, and she was so sleepy that she wanted to knock straight out, Zhong Nuannuan still could not help but worry about Chi Yang.

Chi Yang looked at the obedient girl nestled in his arms, the glow in his eyes as soft as a puddle of rainwater.

“Nuannuan, I’m going to go on a mission tomorrow. If it’s quick, it may take a week, if it’s slow, it may take more than half a month before I come back.”

Zhong Nuannuan, who was about to fall asleep, instantly stirred.

She looked up at Chi Yang with a look of reluctance.

“Will it take that long?”

She really wanted to ask him what mission he was going on. If she could help him, he should be able to complete it sooner, right?

However, she knew that she could not ask such a thing.

The military base had strict regulations, and as a high-ranked military officer in the military base, he was even less likely to be muddled about these matters.

Seeing his fiance’s hesitant face, Chi Yang finally realized what the saying ‘sleeping till the sun rises high, for the blessed night is short, from now on the monarch no longer holds morning court’ meant.

Faced with his fiance’s reluctance, he became slightly unwilling to go on the mission too.

Reaching out his hand to stroke his fiance’s smooth hair, Chi Yang nodded and promised, “However, rest assured, I’ll complete the task as quickly as possible, and come back to accompany you.”