My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Do You Like It?

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“No!” Zhong Nuannuan hurriedly stopped him. “I’m not afraid of being alone. It doesn’t matter if you take half a month to complete a week-long task; it doesn’t matter even if you take a month!

“I’ll wait for you to come back. However, you’re not allowed to act rashly. I don’t have any other demands of you, I only want you to take good care of yourself when you’re executing your tasks, and to not get hurt, okay?”

Hearing that Chi Yang was leaving to go on a mission, Zhong Nuannuan could not help but worry.

She was worried that without her acupuncture, he would not be able to sleep well, his headaches would worsen, and his emotions would be out of control due to unexpected situations during the mission. She was also worried that he might get hurt, or even lose his life before returning to her side.

Zhong Nuannuan tried hard to recall Chi Yang’s situation when he left to go on his mission after she had come out of the detention center in her previous life. However, nothing came to mind.

This was because they did not meet often, and she never paid any attention to him.

He usually visited her once a week, and even then, he was a guest in her house as he was often received by her father. After that, he did not come for over a month.

He probably should have left to go on his mission then.

Still, why did it last more than a month?

However, Zhong Kuijun did not seem to have mentioned anything about Chi Yang’s injury over the course of that duration.

Therefore, he probably did not get injured, right?!

“Don’t worry, I promise you that I definitely won’t allow myself to get hurt.”

Zhong Nuannuan reluctantly reached out to hug Chi Yang’s arm, and muttered dully, “Promise.”

Chi Yang’s heart was already extremely enamored by his fiance’s soft voice, and he replied softly, “Yes, I promise!”

In the past, missions were like stimulating challenges for him, and getting hurt Well, he was not afraid of death, let alone injury.

However, at this moment, he had a fiance beside him, a person who was always worried about him and looking forward to his return home, Chi Yang suddenly felt that his life was no longer entirely his own; he had to be responsible for his Nuannuan.

Being so deeply missed and worried for by his fiance, coupled with feeling such a soft body in his arms, caused Chi Yang to be reluctant.

He looked at his fiance. He did not know whether it was because he was leaving, but his fiance, who usually always appeared to have infinite energy, looked slightly listless.

Zhong Nuannuan nestled against Chi Yang’s waist. Although he was wearing pajamas, his pajamas were very thin. She could clearly feel her Big Brother Chi Yang’s body temperature rising.

However, she was so sleepy…

Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan, his gaze faint. Deep within his pitch-black pupils, there seemed to be clusters of dark red flames lighting up.

Zhong Nuannuan blinked her sleepy eyes, watching the dark red glow gradually emerge from within Chi Yang’s eyes, like a red magical stone that had fallen into the depths of the ocean suddenly illuminating the ocean floor.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, your eyes are so beautiful!” Zhong Nuannuan could not help but stretch out her hand to caress Chi Yang’s eyebrows and his deep eye sockets.

Feeling the heat from his fiance’s breath brushing against his face, Chi Yang felt his whole body swell up even more.

His pupils could change color; when he used his special abilities, his pupils would turn maroon. However, almost all his enemies would get scared after they saw his eyes. Only his little girl had told him so sincerely that his eyes were beautiful.

“Do you like it?” Chi Yang asked softly, his voice hoarse.