My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Good Morning

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Zhong Nuannuan slept alone for a while. She could clearly smell Chi Yang’s faint, refreshing and pleasant aroma, but she felt uncomfortable and irritated as she lay on the bed.

Therefore, although she was already in deep sleep at this moment, Zhong Nuannuan was still instinctively looking for the scent as well as its owner.

Despite this, whether she twisted her head to the left or right, she was unable to locate that warm embrace. Zhong Nuannuan’s eyebrows instantly furrowed, and it looked like there was a chance she might slowly wake up.

Thinking back to the time when his Nuannuan nestled quietly in his arms when he woke up everyday, Chi Yang moved his body closer And closer.

He did not reach out and embrace the girl in his arms, but merely approached her. He looked at her with anticipation and curiosity, wondering what she would do while she was sleeping.

Soon, as the refreshing scent became stronger and stronger, the girl’s eyebrows relaxed.

Suddenly, a hand was placed on Chi Yang’s body.

At the moment his body was hugged, a small, furry head also approached his chest.

After that, the girl turned sideways. Her head, half of her body and one leg were soon placed on top of him.

Chi Yang smiled, then reached out and hugged his girl tightly in his arms.

However, the girl nestled in Chi Yang’s arms was not satisfied yet, and after lying down for a while, she continued to tug at him.

After that, Chi Yang saw the girl slowly climb up his body from his right side like a little koala.

It was not until her ear was pressed against his heart that she finally settled down and fell into a deep sleep.

Chi Yang was taken aback. He recalled that during the past few times they had slept together, his Nuannuan seemed to always sleep on his left. When he woke up every day, her ear seemed to always rest against his heart.

Was she that afraid of losing him?

His heart was instantly filled with affection.

He did not understand why his Nuannuan had to listen to his heartbeat before being able to fall asleep peacefully, but…

He really liked this feeling.

At this moment, the girl was lying on his body, and her light fragrance made him feel frisky. Lil Yang, who stood tall all this while, was still looking forward to having a treat.

Even though Chi Yang’s body was burning hot at the moment, his unquenchable emotions and desires made him want to take a cold shower immediately.

However, he lay motionless on the bed to ensure that the girl lying on his body would not be awoken.

Not only that, he even pulled over the quilt to cover her. He did not remove the quilt even after he started to sweat profusely.

He thought that this was destined to be a sleepless night, but as his desires gradually faded, Chi Yang eventually fell asleep.

When Chi Yang opened his eyes in the morning, the girl who was sleeping like a fluffy kitten in his arms also opened her eyes at the same time.

The girl’s eyes were very beautiful; they were big, curved, lively, and moist.

Looking at her, Chi Yang felt as if he was looking at the first ray of sunshine on a spring morning.

Just as Chi Yang was starting to become lost in thought, the girl’s eyes curved into beautiful crescents. “Big Brother Chi Yang, good morning.”

Chi Yang’s heart was moved, and he raised the corners of his lips. “Good morning.”

It was only six o’clock in the morning at this moment, more than an hour before Zhong Nuannuan would leave for school. When he recalled that he would be leaving today, Chi Yang felt very hesitant.