My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Buns Made With Love

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He got up and branded a kiss on the girl’s lips, then said softly, “Good girl, sleep a little longer, I’ll go and make breakfast for you.”

Zhong Nuannuan raised her head, glanced at the time, and felt distressed for Chi Yang, who had to go out on a mission today. “It’s still early, you can rest a while longer.”

“No, I’ve already slept enough. I’ll make some good food for you in the morning, so sleep for a while more. Good girl.”

Chi Yang touched the tip of Zhong Nuannuan’s nose, and kissed her forehead without a shred of lust. With a loving expression on his face, he reluctantly left the warm, fragrant body that made him want to drown in indulgence, got out of bed quickly, wrapped an apron around his waist after washing up, and started preparing a breakfast made with love for his fiance.

Zhong Nuannuan did not stay idle either. After Chi Yang finished washing up, she also washed up and got dressed, and then went to the door to change her shoes.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I’m going downstairs for a bit. I’ll come back up right away.”

Chi Yang quickly walked out of the kitchen. “What are you going to do outside so early in the morning?”

“I’m going to buy some things. I’ll come up in a bit.”

Chi Yang originally wanted to ask what she wanted to buy so he could buy it for her, but the eggs were already in the frying pan, and he could not leave.

“Okay, be careful then. There are many cars on the road in the morning.”

What cars could be around at six o’clock?

Zhong Nuannuan wanted to laugh, thinking about how Chi Yang regarded her as a child, but she still nodded happily. “Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be back in a bit.”

If she knew that Chi Yang was going to execute his mission earlier, Zhong Nuannuan would have definitely made some medicine for him early on. However, he only told her last night that he was going to leave, so Zhong Nuannuan was restricted to using the medicine available in the pharmacy.

Fortunately, there was a 24-hour pharmacy at the entrance of the military base’s compound, which Zhong Nuannuan hurried to visit.

Because the people living in the vicinity were unique customers in the sense that they were soldiers and their families, the pharmacy was very large and the range of medicines inside it were also complete.

Zhong Nuannuan reviewed all the neurological drugs in the pharmacy, and finally selected a few that she found suitable. After buying enough of them, she hurried back.

As soon as she opened the door, Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes lit up.

“You’re making buns!”

Looking at his fiance’s sparkling eyes, Chi Yang was instantly satisfied.

“Does it smell good?”

“Yes, it smells so fragrant!”

What she liked to eat the most were mushroom buns made by Chi Yang himself. Strangely, although she did not like to eat mushrooms, she especially liked to eat mushroom buns, and they had to be made by Chi Yang.

When she had her menstruation every month in her previous life, as long as she was at home, Chi Yang would do everything possible to go on leave in order to come back and take care of her, but she had never felt grateful toward him.

She never ate any food cooked by Chi Yang, nor ate the fruits that Chi Yang peeled for her. When Chi Yang prepared the water for her to take a bath, she waited for the water to flow, yet did not take her bath Regardless of the occasion, she went against him.

What she liked most were the mushroom buns made by her aunt, but there was a strange familiar taste to them. It was not until later that she found out that all her favorite mushroom buns were made by Chi Yang himself. In order to get her to eat her favorite mushroom buns, Chi Yang always prepared the mushroom buns in secret, and then asked her aunt to bring them to her.

She had not eaten the mushroom buns he made in this lifetime, so she almost started to drool just by smelling its aroma,

Chi Yang’s face was filled with affection. “Hurry up and wash your hands, they’ll be ready in five minutes. I know that you like to eat steamed buns, so I made a lot today.”

“When did you make these buns?” They were together the night.

“I bought the fillings yesterday morning, and then packed and placed them in the refrigerator before noon. You can eat them after steaming them today.”