My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Disobedient Patient

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“Remember that time I developed a nerve resistance drug in Sab, the one used to relieve pain? But later, I discovered that the drug had a lot of side effects and stopped researching it?”

“TH17,” The person on the other line quickly named the experimental drug based on Zhong Nuannuan’s description.

“Yeah, that one.”

“You found out someone is using this medication?”

“Yes, not only have they used it, but they’re also preparing for large-scale production of it in Sab.”

“Give me three days. I’ll find out who it is and deal with them. You don’t have to worry about the drug entering the market.”


Zhong Nuannuan did not bother sending a photo of the medication to the other party. This was because she knew the other person’s methods. Within a few hours, all the people who participated in the research would get dug out. Then, within half a day, the person on the other end of the line would find out everything, including where the drug was produced, who was the one distributing it, and how it entered the market. Within a day, he would completely destroy the market chain.

Thus, the three days time frame that this big brother of hers mentioned was completely arbitrary. After all, none of them were in a hurry about this matter.

After talking about the drug-related matter, Zhong Nuannuan could not help but worry and ask, “Big Brother, how are you doing recently?”

Hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s concern, the other party’s gentle and reserved cold-toned voice became much warmer.

“Not bad. With the help of your medication, the old injury hasn’t relapsed.”

“What about your stomach problems? That’s the crucial part!”

The corners of the other party’s lip unconsciously lifted, revealing an incredibly charming smile. “With your medication, the stomach problem hasn’t occurred in a long time.

“That’s good. Your stomach has gotten ulcers and perforated several times now, so it’s incredibly weak. I’m not there to look after you, so you have to remember to take your medications and eat your meals on time, got it?”

“I got it, you’re so long-winded.”

That was what he said; however, the man’s subordinates who were listening to the call could feel that the man was in a good mood at the moment.

“Yes, fine, I am long-winded. Then, I’ll stop nagging now. I have to go to class. Bye.”

Then, without waiting for the other party’s replies, she hung up.

Looking at the call that had abruptly been ended, the man was stunned for a long time. It was not until the butler on his side called out respectfully, “Young master.”

Feng Shengxuan came back to his senses; his eyes were filled with chagrin.

Why did he say she was long-winded just now?

If he did not say she was long-winded, would she not have hung up so quickly?

What a ruthless kid with no conscience!

He waited for one month, 13 days, and 16 hours, but it only took her 2 minutes to end the call with him.

Was going to class more important than him?

As he thought about this, Feng Shengxuan felt all kinds of unhappy. There were big beads of sweat surfacing on his forehead caused by his pain.

“Please take some medication, Young Master. If you continue being this way, your stomach will not be able to withstand it!”

Feng Shengxuan glared at the old housekeeper. His thin lips slightly parted as he said, “Shut up.”


The old butler felt helpless.

This person had been showing his temper the whole day. Everything that could be smashed around this castle had been broken to pieces, and the three female servants that had talked bad about the young miss behind his back were executed.

Furthermore, they were thrown into the concrete mixer by this man after being hanged alive.

At this moment, the sun was setting in Sab, and the scenery in the manor was beautiful, but everyone was in a peculiar mood. It was as if they had entered the garden of death.

This person had been on strike for five whole days now. A total of 79 people from the Feng Group’s top management teams had also been sitting in the hall for an entire day.

Everyone was waiting for the boss’s instructions, but the boss kept staring at his mobile phone.