My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Master Friends

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Just as the phone was about to explode from his tight grip, the heavenly ringing sound was heard.

The butler knew that everyone was saved.

They thought that the young master would take his medications before anything else, yet he still refused to do so. Then, he instructed them, “Ask them to prepare themselves, we’ll have a meeting in five minutes.”

“Yes sir,” The secretary hurried out to inform the rest as if he had just been pardoned, leaving behind a group of hard-working subordinates and butlers. Their task was to have their boss take his medications!

Just as everyone was feeling bitterly pressured, there was the clicking sound of high heels outside the door.

A beautiful and enchanting figure appeared in front of everyone. The butler saw her, and it felt as if he was looking at their messiah..

“Miss Luna!”

Feng Shengxuan looked at how the butler ran toward the other party, and felt that a dog’s tail was about to sprout from behind his *ss.

The woman glanced at the pillbox in the butler’s hand, frowned slightly, then asked, “Big Brother is not taking his medicine again?”

The butler almost cried out, “Miss Luna, no one else could persuade the young master to take his medication after you left. The young master hasn’t taken his medication for five days now.”

“You’re being too talkative, butler.” Feng Shengxuan frowned when the butler complained to Luna.

However, at this moment, the butler could not care less anymore. He told Luna about the sinful acts the young master’ had committed over the past five days.

Luna listened to the butler’s words and took the medications from him. Then, she walked straight to Feng Shengxuan, “Big Brother, please take your medicine.”

At this moment, Feng Shengxuan’s stomach pain caused by standing for a long time had caused him to sit back down again. His slender body bent slightly, and the fine beads of sweat on his forehead had already begun to trickle down.

The physical discomfort made his temper worse than usual. It was as if he was a sick cheetahalthough he was sitting there, he might rush toward his prey at any time and kill it with one blow.

His devilishly charming almond-shaped eyes looked at Luna as he said in a blunt manner, “Bai Li, don’t think that you can order me around just because you have a good relationship with her, and don’t you ever forget your true status. Moreover, put away that sinful gaze in your eyes. I’ll never again be moved by any other woman in my lifetime besides her. So, don’t think of yourself as the hostess in this house.”

Feng Shengxuan’s words did not cause too much of a reaction in Luna. She merely narrowed her eyes and said, “The subordinates are well aware of their identity, and I’ve never claimed to be the hostess. However, Big Brother, Nuannuan gave me the responsibility of looking after you before she left. She also asks me about your condition regularly. If your condition worsens, I don’t know how I will answer her next time.”

Feng Shengxuan was furious now. “Rubbish, you work under me. What do you think you should tell her?”

Luna retorted without fear, “But, Nuannuan is also my friend. Since I already promised her, I will make sure to fulfill it.”

The pupil of Feng Shengxuan’s eyes dilated dangerously. His malicious gaze, paired with his stunning face and morbidly fair complexion, made him akin to a vampire in the dark. He was seductive yet extremely menacing.

“So, you’ll betray your master for your friends?”

Looking at the handsome face that was slowly approaching, Luna’s expression remained calm. “Big Brother, do you still doubt my loyalty to you? It’s precisely because of my absolute loyalty that I care about your well-being. The things that Nuannuan entrusted to me are beneficial for you, so I strictly abide by her requirements. Big Brother, please take your medicine…”