My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Complaint

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“If you don’t take your medications, I’ll call Nuannuan right now and tell her all of your doings this entire time.”


Feng Shengxuan looked at Luna sullenly for a long while; his face was very close to hers.

The people behind could not help but fall to the ground because of the wicked aura of coercion emanating from him, but Luna stayed in front of him with her back straight, silently bearing his terrifying, paled face.

Ultimately, she fell onto the ground. A “dong” was heard, and it was because she could no longer bear the pressure.

“Are you still snitching?” Looking at Luna, who had fallen to the ground and could not get up, Feng Shengxuan’s paper pale face showed a bloodthirsty smile.

While Luna was lying on the ground, she took out a mobile phone from her bag before pressing a speed-dial without saying anything else. A ringing sound was soon heard.

“Damn it!”

Feng Shengxuan, who had stared at his prey with incomparable grace a moment ago immediately jumped back like an angry lion.

“You b*tch! You”

“Hello, Big Sis Yue? Why did you call me? I was just talking on the phone with Big Brother earlier!”

On the other end of the phone, Zhong Nuannuan’s voice reached Feng Shengxuan’s ears. The voice sounded much happier than when she called him just now, and this made Feng Shengxuan feel very envious.

Yes, even if it were a woman, he would still get jealous.

The pair of eyes that were looking at Luna was extremely gloomy, envious, jealous, and hateful. It was like he was watching his rival in love.

However, at this moment, Luna also looked at him, and her stubborn eyes threatened him as if she was indicating, ‘If you don’t take the medication, I’ll complain to her right now.’

Feng Shengxuan’s eyes grew darker. It was as if he wanted to eat Luna whole.

“Big Sis Yue? Is that you?”

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at the caller ID. It was clearly Luna’s name.

They used to be under the same organization, and everyone in the organization had a Luntanese code name. Bai Liyue’s code name was Yue, and her Luntanese name was Luna.

Bai Liyue was a couple of years older than her. At the time, when she led everyone to raze the former organization to the ground, everyone called her Boss. One she returned to the Zhong house, she also changed everyone’s name. For example, Bai Liyue already had a surname and a name, so she no longer called her Luna, and merely Big Sis Yue.

At the most critical moment, she had also risked her life to save her. Thus, Zhong Nuannuan was eternally grateful to Bai Liyue,

“Yeah, it’s me.”

Bai Liyue changed her temperament and voice instantly. Her voice which was initially rigid without any sign of emotion suddenly became as soft as calm water. She was now akin to the big sister next door.

“For you to call me at this time Is there something going on there?” Zhong Nuannuan asked.

“Yeah. “Under Feng Shengxuan’s murderous stare, Bai Liyue avoided his gaze altogether and merely nodded in response.

“What’s wrong with Big Brother? Is something wrong? Or are there any changes in Big Brother’s condition?”

Bai Liyue looked at Feng Shengxuan. If Feng Shengxuan refused to take his medications, she would definitely complain to her.

Feng Shengxuan’s eyes were already like an abyss, but under the warning of Bailiyue’s stubborn gaze, he finally compromised.

“You win this time!”

Feng Shengxuan said this sentence without opening his lips.

The man who was deemed as powerful as the heavens became inexplicably warm and gentle in front of Zhong Nuannuan.

He silently grabbed the medicine in Bai Liyue’s hand and then poured it all into his mouth. The butler immediately offered water, of which Feng Shengxuan took two sips.