My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 365

Chapter 365: His Girl

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Bai Liyue made sure that the medicine had been swallowed before she said to Zhong Nuannuan, “There’s nothing wrong here, they’re all old problems. I came in and saw that he just hung up on you, so I knew that you called. I thought that there shouldn’t be any inconvenience for you on our end, so I decided to call you and have a chat. How’s the situation at home?”

Bai Liyue gave a lengthy explanation and then immediately changed the subject. Feng Shengxuan’s agitated heart finally calmed down, and in order to hear what Nuannuan was talking about, he squatted down and sat next to Bai Liyue. He almost attached himself to Bai Liyue’s phone, in fear of missing out on Nuannuan’s voice.

“It’s the same as it was before. You don’t have to cover for him, did he stop taking his medicine again and is not listening to your advice?”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words caused Feng Shengxuan’s long and narrow eyes to enlarge instantly, and he looked at Bai Liyue with a look of warning.

Bai Liyue had no doubts that if she were to mispeak, the cruel man in front of her would strangle her to death.

Bai Liyue quickly shook her head, even though Zhong Nuannuan could not see it at all.

“No, no. Even though he has a bad temper, he’d do everything you tell him, fortunately. So, don’t worry. He’s eaten his medications, and I’ll keep an eye out for him for you.”

“Good. Anyway, if he stops taking them, just let me know.”

“Okay, sure. You’re the only one that can cure him anyway!”

When Bai Liyue’s voice fell, she felt a gloomy gaze staring at her, almost drilling a hole in her body.

“How are you guys doing over there? Are you very busy?” Zhong Nuannuan asked with concern.

“Of course,” Bai Liyue nodded quickly.

Feng Shengxuan suddenly stretched out his hand to grab Bai Liyue’s wrist tightly, and Bai Liyue knew he was getting nervous.

“We got our hands full here, and Big Brother’s nearly exhausted to death. If you don’t come back, you might come back to find me and Big Brother’s dead bodies.”

Bai Liyue’s words catered to Feng Shengxuan’s desires, causing his grip to loosen.

“Aren’t you exaggerating? Only you and Big Brother are busy? What about Dan Qi?”

“Him? Do you think he’s reliable?”

“I thought Selena told me that Big Brother had asked Dan Qi to stay and help you guys out.”

“It’s not like you don’t know of Dan Qi’s character. He spends all his time chasing dramas when he’s not on missions. Last time, I hadn’t seen him for half a month, nor had I received any calls from him. I was afraid that something might’ve happened to him. Then, I went over to his house to check on him, and do you know what I saw?”

“What?” Although Zhong Nuannuan could not guess, but she immediately started smiling.

“The man was watching ‘The Legend of White Snake’ that was filmed in Camino many years ago. On the day that I went over, the White Snake happened to have been caught, and I caught him bawling his eyes out.”


Zhong Nuannuan laughed uncontrollably.

She knew that Dan Qi had stayed behind for a reason.

That homebody would never go out under normal circumstances. If he were not on a mission, he would typically be at home watching TV shows.

Upon hearing Zhong Nuannuan laughing so happily, Feng Shengxuan’s eyes instantly softened.

The beauty was akin to jade, while the handsome young man was unmatched in the world.1

The man who had initially been gloomy and terrifying like a vampire instantly became as gentle as jade; his softness was unparalleled.

Listening to Zhong Nuannuan’s happy laugh, all the resentment, gloominess and unwillingness disappeared.

She was his girl!

The girl he had brought up!