My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Dinner Alone

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His girl should have the right to live so rampantly happy and without worry.

No matter how formidable she was, none of the darkness in this world should bother her.

“Nuannuan, how long are you planning to stay in the Jiang District? If you still insist on not returning, all that’s left would be for you to prepare the funeral of me and Big Brother.”

“Stop trying to scare me! There’s two of you there right now, and honestly, even if Big Brother decides to wash his hands of our business, you alone are more than capable enough to take good care of all my properties. Big Sis Yue, I have full confidence in both of you. Although, if you’re getting tired, you can stop working on the property industry, or you could even transfer some of the work to Camino. We aren’t lacking money and it would take more than a few generations to use up the money. You’ll only tire yourselves out by expanding the business too widely.”

“Your words just mean that you’re not willing to come back! Selina has already told me that there’s no point in staying on in the Zhong family!”

“Big Sis Yue, I have my own purpose in life.”

Bai Liyue knew Zhong Nuannuan’s temperament well. She immediately gave in when she heard Zhong Nuannuan say this.

“Fine, I know it’s been your wish all these years to return home to reconnect with your family. I won’t force you any further, but don’t you forget us. Come back to pay us a visit when you have the time. If you have free time, we can go over and see you too. Also, don’t forget about Big Brother once you manage to discover some top-notch gastric medication.”

“I’ll take full responsibility for Big Brother’s medicine. As for both of you coming to visit me It’d be best not to do so right now as both of you are too high profile. I’ll invite you guys over once I’ve settled down in Emperor District.”

Feng Shengxuan’s mesmerizingly seductive eyes immediately dimmed when he heard Zhong Nuannuan’s words.

“Okay, I have to go now. The bell is ringing for class, I have to go. Remember to give Big Brother constant reminders to take his medication. Let me know if he doesn’t take them on time.”


Bai Liyue hung up and Feng Shengxuan got up from the ground. He instructed his subordinates and Bai Liyue with a cold expression, “Start the meeting.”

He walked out first as his long legs strode off arrogantly after giving the instruction.

“Big Brother, give me a moment.”

Feng Shengxuan turned toward her impatiently. “What do you want now?”

“The housekeeper just informed me that you did not have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please have your meal before starting the meeting.”

Feng Shengxuan flew into a rage. “Bai Liyue, can you be any more annoying?”

“I’ll tell Nuannuan if you don’t eat anything.”

Feng Shengxuan took a few deep breaths and finally admitted defeat. With one kick, an antique vase worth tens of millions flew from the door and fell from the third floor to the first. It scared a few little maids who were moving around the first floor as they screamed aloud.

It was only after he heard the vase break into pieces that he roared, “Let’s eat!”

Feng Shengxuan’s phone rang when he arrived at the base of the stairs. There was a subtle steely look in Bai Liyue’s eyes.

Feng Shengxuan normally did not like picking up calls; she picked up almost every call that came in. However, someone had actually obtained his personal number and he had actually accepted the call. It was obvious that the person on the other end was not Nuannuan.

“Hello,” Feng Shengxuan picked up the call, but most of the talking was done from the other end. It was difficult to tell what was being said. However, a bloodthirsty smile soon appeared on Feng Shengxuan’s perfect, devil-like face. All he said was, “Let him come, but make sure he won’t return.”

With that, he hung up.

The dining room of the Feng Family Manor was huge, but Feng Shengxuan was the only one who was having his meal there.