My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Coming Out Clean

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This was because he did not like anyone else but Zhong Nuannuan having meals with him; even Bai Liyue was not allowed to accompany him even if she wanted to.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The gigantic Zodiac grandfather’s clock chimed six times. The huge bell echoed through the empty castle as the light shined on his lonely figure, forming a very long shadow on the ground


Zhong Nuannuan returned to the classroom after hanging up. They were starting lessons on Year 2 Senior Mathematics.

She had just taken out her schoolbook, but before she could flip through more than a couple of pages, someone who should not have appeared walked right into everyone’s view in an unusually high-profile manner.

Zhong Nuannuan lifted her head when her classmates screamed in unison.

Gu Mingzhe was standing at the door dressed in a dapper suit. He had his hand around Zhong Qianqian’s shoulders and was standing at the podium in public sight.

To be honest, Gu Mingzhe was definitely not as handsome as Chi Yang.

To Zhong Nuannuan, he was not even a millionth of Chi Yang. Chi Yang was, after all, too outstanding.

However, to the average person, Gu Mingzhe was still the young master of an influential family from Emperor Districtthis alone made him sit atop of the list of most desirable bachelors. Anyone could tell with one look that he was at least 180cm tall, and as he paid quite a lot of attention to his image, he was always training at the gym and had a body that would make young girls scream for him. He had on a pair of gold-rimmed glasses that managed to hide the scheming look in his eyes, making him look like a gentle and elegant person, much like a charming young master. At the same time, his clothes made him looked slender, but anyone could tell that he was muscular without those clothes on.

This Gu Mingzhe might not have a devastatingly handsome face, but it was good-looking enough to make any ordinary girl scream.

More than half the students at Jia Yong were of noble birth while those who were not born from such families had been studying there for quite a few years and had learned to have a sharp pair of eyes by spending time with students from noble families. It took one look for them to immediately recognize that the clothes on the man who was holding onto Zhong Qianqian while walking into the classroom was a bespoke suit that was worth no less than a million. He was not of ordinary status.

However, this begged a different question.

Was Zhong Qianqian, who had always fought with Zhong Nuannuan over handsome military men, not taken away by the military court? How did she get out in just a day? She even brought along such a fine specimen of a man with her in such a high-profile manner.

Just as the students were still in shock at the situation, the director of Jia Yong brought along a group of deputy directors, including the headmaster, and walked into the classroom. Zhong Nuannuan’s father, whom the students had previously met, was walking next to the school board. However, he was present this time as Zhong Qianqian’s father.

“Dear students, I believe everyone is aware of what happened yesterday when Zhong Qianqian was taken away by the military court. This matter has seriously affected the entire school and had caused serious damage to Zhong Qianqian’s reputation. Today, the school board has unanimously decided to do right by Zhong Qianqian.

“When the military court took Zhong Qianqian away, the main reason given was that Zhong Qianqian had attempted murder due to her liking the fianc of her younger sister, Zhong Nuannuan. That was why she had allegedly transferred 30 thousand Yuan to Xue Miqi and requested for her to kill Zhong Nuannuan.”

“After conducting an investigation, it was discovered that Zhong Qianqian has a boyfriend. It is none other than Young Master Gu from the renowned family of Emperor District. I believe all of you are familiar with Emperor District’s Young Master Gu as the Gu Family had been a top-notch family in our Jiang District in the past. Young Master Gu himself was a top student who graduated from Jia Yong.

“Zhong Qianqian is with the outstanding Young Master Gu. It is therefore impossible for her to get someone to murder Zhong Nuannuan out of jealousy and envy.

“After the investigation, it has been found that the third party contacted by Xue Miqi was nothing but a low-grade website. If Zhong Qianqian was truly the mastermind behind this and had wanted to kill her sister, Zhong Nuannuan, Young Master Gu would have managed to get it done without leaving a single shred of evidence.”