My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 370

Chapter 370: You Should Break Up

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Zhong Qianqian was absolutely touched and mesmerized by Gu Mingzhe’s words as she quickly agreed to his marriage proposal.

The school board members immediately stood up in applause, attempting to get into the good books of the Gu family.

When the students saw the school board clapping, everyone followed suit.

At that moment, Zhong Qianqian was leaning completely into Gu Mingzhe’s arms as she cried messily.

As for Gu Mingzhe, he was looking quite delighted as he had secretly nabbed himself the little princess from the Nangong family.

“The school board members and students here are the most important people by Qianqian’s side. When the time comes, the Gu Family will send out invites to everyone present today. If you are willing, please do make your presence felt at Lijing Mansion for a drink to celebrate the occasion.”

The director immediately smiled. “Of course, we will, we will!”

As he said this, the director turned to congratulate Zhong Kuijun on his two daughters who had brought glory to the family name.

Zhong Kuijun had always wanted to build a connection with the Emperor District, and this situation cheered him up considerably. However, the thought of Zhong Nuannuan’s quarrel with the deputy commander-in-chief made him lose his temper.

“Zhong Nuannuan, come out with me.”

Zhong Kuijun could no longer hold it in after he was done with all the small talk. He did not want his daughter to enjoy triumph while he had to suffer the deputy commander-in-chief’s wrath.

Since it was not necessary for him to go through Chi Yang to achieve his goal of becoming the instructor for the military base in A District, what reason could there be for him to stand by and offend the deputy commander-in-chief?

That was why he felt that the marriage between Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang would be better off annulled.

Zhong Kuijun turned to walk out with a stoic look on his face. All of the students thought he was about to berate Zhong Nuannuan on behalf of Zhong Qianqian. Everyone was left with a good impression of Zhong Nuannuan after enjoying the food she had treated them to, so they were quite worried about her now.

However, Zhong Nuannuan followed her father casually without a care in the world.

The moment she stepped outside, she saw Zhong Kuijun standing in the walkway.

He roared in his loudest voice when he saw Zhong Nuannaun walk out, “I told you to annul your upcoming marriage to Chi Yang, have you done it?”

The school board members were about to leave the classroom when they heard Zhong Kuijun’s roaring voice. The entire school board was at a loss at whether to continue walking out or to back up slowly. Thus, they could only stand frozen to the stop as they stared at each other. They could not understand why Zhong Kuijun would want his daughter to annul her upcoming marriage to a military man such as Chi Yang, who had a bright future.

Zhong Kuijun had broadcasted this loudly on purpose for the school board members and the school’s students to hear.

After all, with his capability, there was really nothing he could do if Chi Yang was not willing to annul the marriage. However, if everyone at school was aware of Zhong Nuannuan offending someone she could not afford to, and he had forced her to annul the marriage because of it, it would be seen as Zhong Kuijun doing his duty as a responsible parent.

“Why should I annul my upcoming marriage to Chi Yang? Our marriage report had gone through a double approval process conducted by the commander-in-chief and the chief-of-staff themselves, which means that my marriage is under the protection of the military base.”

“With your impetuous temperament combined with your constant need to offend, let’s not mention the protection of the military base. Even if you had the protection of our entire country’s military, I’m pretty sure you’d still land yourself in trouble!” Zhong Kuijun roared angrily.

Huh? Zhong Nuannuan was surprised. Zhong Kuijun was not wrong with that.

“I don’t care if you are under protection. As your legal guardian, I have submitted an application to the military base this morning to annul your marriage. Just let go of everything between you and Chi Yang.

“You are not allowed to see Chi Yang if he comes looking for you, do you hear me? Also, unless the commander-in-chief requests to see you, which you will need to inform me in advance for me to accompany you there, you will only be allowed to stay at home at all times.”