My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 371

Chapter 371: This Is Incorrigible

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“This is just too incorrigible. You haven’t even officially gotten married yet you’re already causing trouble by using Chi Yang’s name. Not only did you get your own sister arrested by maligning her, but you’ve also embarrassed our entire family. You’ve also offended the deputy commander-in-chief and verbally abused him. Tell me, you haven’t even gotten married yet, so what is there for you to be delighted about? Is there any future military wife that acts as you do?”

Zhong Kuijun was berating Zhong Nuannuan with gusto when he suddenly noticed Leng Qirui standing behind Zhong Nuannuan. He started to formulate a plan in his mind.

Zhong Nuannuan might not be able to marry Chi Yang, but if she could marry Leng Qirui, it would be even better than marrying Chi Yang! From the looks of it, Leng Qirui quite liked Zhong Nuannuan too.

With that in mind, his tone suddenly changed. “Of course, you are my daughter, which means that I would never wash my hands off your relationship issues. For one, there are many outstanding, young men in your school. You can pick whoever you like. Secondly, I will help you take note of any talented young men in the military base. However, when it comes to Chi Yang, I hope you can help unburden him. Since you’ve already broken up, there’s no point in getting entangled in each other’s matters and continue to cause misunderstandings. Do you hear me?”

Zhong Nuannuan stayed silent until Zhong Kuijun finished whatever he had to say. He finally finished all his roaring when Zhong Nuannuan asked, “Have you really submitted the application to annul the marriage?”

“Of course.”

“Who did you pass it to?”

“This is something you don’t need to know. The military base has its own rules and processes. As your legal guardian, I have the right to request an annulment. All you need to know is that your marriage with Chi Yang will be regarded as completely over. Do you understand?”


The burden in Zhong Kuijun’s heart was finally released when he saw Zhong Nuannuan nodding.

When the school board members were done listening to this from the corner, they prepared to leave, but Zhong Nuannuan suddenly added something at the end. “Dad, don’t you know that Deputy Commander-in-Chief Wang has been arrested?”

Zhong Kuijun’s jaw dropped.

Zhong Kuijun was in shock for quite a while before he managed to respond. His pitch became higher when he shouted, “What did you say?”

Zhong Nuannuan raised her voice as well. “I said Deputy Commander-in-Chief Want has been arrested!”


This was the only thought in Zhong Kuijun’s mind.

“When When did this happen?”

“Yesterday afternoon.”

Zhong Kuijun paced back and forth a couple of times. He pulled Zhong Nuannuan into a corner and said quietly, “Nuannuan, this is not something you should joke about.”

“What’s the point of me joking about this?”

“!!!” Zhong Kuijun stared at Zhong Nuannuan for quite a while. He knew that this wretched girl did not tell him this on purpose. However, he was now left with no choice. Chi Yang, who liked this wretched girl, was no ordinary person. Even those deputy commander-in-chiefs at the military base were not people he could afford to offend. Now, did he really dare create trouble with that crowd?

“What did he do to end up getting arrested?”

“The commander-in-chief found out he had threatened you with Chi Yang’s marriage and obtained evidence of him using his position to oppress others. In addition to that, I was at the headquarters yesterday when he bullied me, so the commander-in-chief arrested him out of anger.”

Zhong Kuijun was horrified.

“How did the commander-in-chief find out he had threatened me?”

“I knew he had a big mouth, so I recorded my conversation with him and gave it to the commander-in-chief to hear for himself how I was being threatened.”

Everything was going wrong for Zhong Kuijun.

“Who told you to give the recording to the commander-in-chief? You!!! Do you know this will cause a huge problem for our family?!”