My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Slap In The Face For Zhong Kuijun

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Zhong Kuijun had wondered how serious the charges were for him to get arrested, but it ended up being a small matter.

“Do you know he will still not be sentenced with this? If he is let out, he will annihilate the Zhong family! You!!! You have destroyed the Zhong family! You have caused nothing but trouble for your father!” Zhong Kuijun burned with rage and went berserk as sent a slap flying toward Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannuan stopped the incoming slap from Zhong Kuijun with a single hand. She smiled as she asked, “Dad, do you think the commander-in-chief will let him out that easily? Even if he were willing, Chi Yang would not allow it. Even if Chi Yang allowed it, hoho, I’m afraid the other deputies in the military base would not agree to it, would they?”

He was still in shock at Zhong Nuannuan’s strength, which shook him to the core. She was actually able to block his slap. When he heard his daughter’s words, Zhong Kuijun put down his hands.

“What do you mean?”

“Dad, you’ve been a military officer for so long. Do you really not know what I mean?”

Zhong Kuijun narrowed his eyes.

She was right.

Putting everything else aside, Deputy Commander-in-Chief Peng hated Wang Gangyi the most.

It was not easy to wait for the day Wang Gangyi to mess up, so not that that day had come, how could he not take advantage of it?

“So He won’t be able to get released?”

Zhong Nuannuan laughed. “So Dad, where exactly did you submit the application to annul my marriage?”

Zhong Kuijun was taken aback. He rushed off madly without even bothering to say goodbye to Zhong Nuannuan.

He had to quickly get that application back!

When Zhong Kuijun left, the first class of the day had only just started. All the students were already back in their seats while Gu Mingzhe was also on his way out after successfully proposing.

Just like that, Zhong Nuannuan and Gu Mingzhe bumped into each other unceremoniously.


To be honest, Zhong Nuannuan really did like Gu Mingzhe as her brother-in-law.

It was because he was absolute trash, which was why Zhong Nuannuan respected him so much right now.

She especially liked seeing Gu Mingzhe express himself so passionately to Zhong Qianqian, and she was curious about what would happen in the future when he realizes Zhong Qianqian is nothing but a fake. It would be interesting to meet each other face to face then.

In her past life, Zhong Qianqian was the one who dumped him after finding out she was the young mistress of the Nangong family. This time, she wanted to see him dump Zhong Qianqian.

Zhong Nuannuan’s bright smile dazzled Gu Mingzhe so much that his vision went blurry.

He had searched through the circle of nobilities, moving up and down the social circles, and it was the first time Gu Mingzhe had fallen in love at first sight with a girl.

Even if this girl was the biological sister of Zhong Qianqian, even if this girl had a fianc, none of that mattered to him. He had never been able to shake off his yearning for this girl since the first time he had set his eyes on her.

Even if he had only met Zhong Nuannuan once, he had dreamt about her several times since.

There was even once when he had a wet dream about her.

Now that he was face-to-face with the girl’s bright smile, how could he hold back any longer?

She had well-developed breasts, a slender waist, and a perky butt. Not to mention, those long, slender legs. Match this all with that seductive face of hers and Gu Mingzhe could obviously feel a certain part of his body experiencing tumultuous waves when facing this little seductress.

Gu Mingzhe faced her with tremendous sincerity when he heard her calling him ‘brother-in-law’ so sweetly.

“Nuannuan, did your dad ask you to come out here to get you to annul your marriage with Chi Yang?”

“Yup,” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

“Are you really gonna annul it?”

Gu Mingzhe looked concerned. It was a sincere concern that came from the bottom of his heart and was not off-putting at all. This was Gu Mingzhe’s style when handling things.