My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Dismal

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“Sister, Brother-in-law, you two can continue courting each other, I’m going back to class.”

After saying that, she walked away on her two long legs.

Gu Mingzhe stared at Zhong Nuannuan’s back with a scorching gaze, and a ray of ambition shone through his eyes.

Zhong Qianqian felt angry watching Zhong Nuannuan. She wanted to act coquettish towards Gu Mingzhe, but when she looked up, she saw that Gu Mingzhe was completely entranced while staring at Zhong Nuannuan’s figure.

Her previous few psychological traumas caused alarm bells to go off in Zhong Qianqian’s head.

This wretched Zhong Nuannuan, she had seduced Big Brother Chi Yang and chased Aiden away, and was she coming to snatch her Big Brother Mingzhe away from her now?

How shameless could she be?

Zhong Qianqian felt resentful, and she wanted to kill Zhong Nuannuan even more. However…

Zhong Qianqian still felt a lingering fear when she recalled the scene of her being taken away yesterday.

Forget it, she could wait until she became the Gu Family’s missus first.

Her resources now were too limited, and it would not be too late to kill Zhong Nuannuan after she had access to more abundant resources within the Gu Family.

Otherwise, if the person was not killed, and she was thrown into jail again, then it would spell the end for her.

Gu Mingzhe drove away from Jia Yong after bidding farewell to Zhong Qianqian, and only dialed his phone when he was far away. Very quickly, a woman on the other end answered the phone.

“Hello, Mingzhe, why haven’t you called your mother these past few days? Have you settled the matter with Qianqian over there? Does she have a crush on you yet?”

As soon as Gu’s mother picked up the phone, she immediately fired a series of questions.

The corners of Gu Mingzhe’s lips raised into a triumphant smile. “Mom, your son is handling this issue in person, how can such trivial matters not be resolved?”

When Gu’s mother heard this, she immediately praised, “My son is really the best! Does she already regard you as her boyfriend then? Will Aiden step in again?”

“Mom, she’s just a loser right now, not only is she sorry to look at, she’s also a brainless and foolish white lotus. She’s a gold digger, and her goal in life is to marry into a rich family. If she wasn’t the eldest daughter of the Nangong Family, even talking to her would make me throw up. That Aiden unexpectedly fancied her for a while, but how could he stay with such a woman in the long term? Hence, when your son saw Aiden next to her, I didn’t try to hook up with her at all. I waited until Aiden abandoned her, and only helped her once she had reached the lowest point in her life. I only met her for the second time yesterday, and when I accompanied her to school today, I made a successful marriage proposal to her in front of her classmates.”

“What? You’ve managed to get the Nangong Family’s eldest daughter? She accepted your proposal? When are you two going to get married? Give Mom some time to make preparations!” Gu’s mother was ecstaticshe felt like she had picked up a huge bargain.

Gu Mingzhe was speechless. “Mom, am I really your biological son? Can you care for your son’s mental health? Do you know how much your son suffers from interacting with such a woman all day long?”

“Oh, haven’t I told you everything already? As long as you can handle the Nangong Family’s eldest daughter and marry her, you can find as many women outside as you like. Just don’t get caught.”

Thinking of Zhong Nuannuan, Gu Mingzhe’s revolted expression finally improved, and a smile appeared on his lips. “You said this yourself. I’ve already found someone else, so you have to treat your actual daughter-in-law better in the future.”

“You have a woman you like already? Is she from Jiang District? What good stuff can Jiang District have?” Gu’s mother looked disgusted.

“Mom, she’s Zhong Qianqian’s younger sister. Her name is Zhong Nuannuan.”