My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 375

Chapter 375: Beloved

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“Although they’re sisters, if I give Zhong Qianqian a rating of 50 points, then Zhong Nuannuan can get 50,000 points. Moreover, Zhong Qianqian’s 50 points are only due to the fact that she’s Zhong Nuannuan’s biological sister.”

“Is she that good?”

“Of course. Do you think your son has bad taste?”

“Son Are you sure that the Nangong Family’s eldest daughter is Zhong Qianqian? All the young masters of the Nangong Family look so handsome, and all of them are like giants among men. Could it be that their younger sister is Zhong Nuannuan, the girl that you like? After all, as the Nangong Family’s little princess, her looks can’t be that bad!

“Son, you can’t do this just by looking at Zhong Qianqian’s jade pendant. After all, if I were Jiang Shuwan, and I found out that my husband’s original partner is a very wealthy woman, after the original partner dies, I might exchange my own daughter for the original partner’s and declare the original partner’s daughter as my own.”

“Mom, don’t think about it anymore. I’m certain that it’s Zhong Qianqian. Firstly, she has that crescent jade pendant on her, and secondly, I managed to get hold of her hair at the banquet earlier.

“When the third young master was previously injured and hospitalized, it just so happened that my friend was his attending doctor, so I asked him to leave some of the third young master’s blood for me. After running the tests, the similarity between Zhong Qianqian and the third young master’s DNA was found to be as high as 76%, which is enough to prove their identities as cousins.

“I also share your concerns. In order to avoid getting the wrong hair, when I picked her up from prison yesterday, I specially arranged for someone to rob her, hit her nose, and cause her to have a nosebleed. After that, I heroically saved the damsel in distress, grabbed the person, brought him to jail, and took her blood to undergo an expedited DNA test again with that of the third young master’s. The test result was still 76%.”

“That’s good! As long as you’ve confirmed it, it’s good! Son, think optimistically, although she looks disgusting, but she has the Nangong Family’s support; Even if she’s a fly, you’ll still want to eat her up, right? Not to mention, the situation isn’t even that bad. In short, you handled this matter beautifully! As for your beloved Zhong Nuannuan, Mom will buy her a villa by that time, and you can bring her over in the future.”

Gu Mingzhe raised his lips. “You’re the best, Mom.”

“Stop joking!”


Time always passed by very slowly whenever Chi Yang was not around. Even if she usually could not see him in school, Zhong Nuannuan felt that the day was packed with energy when she knew that someone was waiting for her when she got home for dinner.

However, today, no one was waiting for her to return home for dinner, and she did not have to go to the military base anymore, so even as Zhong Nuannuan felt that a long time had passed, she looked up to see that the second class had only just ended.

“Hey, Zhong Nuannuan, I heard that Big Brother Chi and the others have gone out on a mission.”

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at Leng Qirui. “What about it?”

“I’ll treat you to dinner after school tonight.”

Looking at the eagerness that shone within Leng Qirui’s eyes, Zhong Nuannuan thought to herself that he really had an undying will! Chi Yang had already beaten him up so badly, yet as soon as Chi Yang left, he started hopping around again.

Seeing that Zhong Nuannuan did not answer him, and even looked at him with a jaundiced eye, Leng Qirui felt quite depressed.

“What’s that look in your eye? I’m just treating you to dinner because you’re you’re my benefactor.”

“Can I bring a few more people with me then?”

“Who?” Leng Qirui was unhappy. He wanted to eat alone with Zhong Nuannuan.

“My roommates.”

“Why is it them again?”

“I’m usually busy, and I don’t have the time to maintain relationships with my roommates. Since I’m being offered a free meal, of course I have to bring them along.”

“Alright, invite them over then.”