My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Big Boss

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Zhong Qianqian’s trio looked playfully at Zhong Nuannuan, waiting for her to be slapped in the face.

Selina walked up to Leng Qirui and used her knuckles to hammer Leng Qirui’s table. “Did you just call me a dwarf?”

It was not that Leng Qirui had never seen beautiful women, but amongst the countless beautiful women, he only liked those like Zhong Nuannuan, who looked like a cat on the surface, but was in fact the T-Rex type. No matter how beautiful Selina was, could she really be a T-Rex?

Faced with the girl’s provocation, Leng Qirui did not even stand up, and merely leaned back in his seat. “This student, I heard that you speak the Camino language fluently, but why can’t you hear clearly? I only said earlier that you’re not as beautiful as our classmate Zhong Nuannuan. Although you did act in a movie, it doesn’t mean that all actors are pretty, right? As for the dwarf, I was just making an analogy. Of course, if our classmate Zhong Nuannuan were not around, I’d admit that you do look quite pretty.”

Everyone thought that this girl was going to cause trouble with her arrogant temperament, and could not help but wait in anticipation for Young Master Leng to make a move.

Unexpectedly, the girl suddenly laughed.

“Right? I think so too! Although I just came to this school today, I went to see that soybean sprout called Ye Mengxi. Can such a person really be called a former campus belle? I feel that she doesn’t even deserve the title of a woman! I seriously suspect that when her man sleeps with her, turns off the lights, and hugs her in the future, he might think that he’s hugging a man.”

The students were lost for words.


This mixed-race beauty had a very sharp tongue!

On her first day in school, she had already personally provoked the campus belle and attacked the former campus belle. Amazing!

However, Selina’s next words turned out to be a complete 180.

“A person like this is nothing compared to our Nuannuan! It’s said that Nuannuan took the position of campus belle away from her Tsk tsk, is a fight even necessary for this campus belle position? If everyone is not blind, you’d all vote for our Nuannuan, right?”

Our Nuannuan!!!

The students understood the meaning of this sentence very accurately.

“Do you know Zhong Nuannuan?” Leng Qirui was shocked.

Selina walked to Zhong Nuannuan with a grin, put her arms around her shoulders familiarly, and said boastfully, “Not only do we know each other, we’re sisters!”

Hearing the word “sisters”, everyone cast inquiring looks at Zhong Qianqian. Before everyone asked Zhong Qianqian whether she was also Selina’s sister, Selina added, “We’re sworn sisters who are even closer than biological sisters.”

Leng Qirui nodded, then proceeded to anger the others recklessly, “Yeah. Although you’re of mixed race, but you actually look more like Zhong Nuannuan’s sister. After all, both of your appearances are at least of the same level.”

Zhong Qianqian was at a loss for words.

Selina giggled when she heard this. “Young Brother Leng, you’re really good at talking.”

After saying that, she winked at Leng Qirui.

Leng Qirui’s cynical attitude froze for an instant, and he subsequently became speechless.

Why did he have the feeling that he was being toyed with?

Leng Qirui coughed, and suppressed the weird feeling of being flirted with. “By the way, how did you get Zhong Nuannuan to accept you as her older sister?”

This woman was a cruel T-Rex, so Leng Qirui was actually very curious about this.

Selina was taken aback, and then without a shred of shame, she said proudly, “I don’t consider her a sister. How can I be her sister? She’s my big boss!”