My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Eating Poop Live

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Zhong Nuannuan walked to Wu Wenqian’s side. “That slap just now was to tell you that food can simply be eaten, but words cannot simply be said. If I hear you say something bad about her again, even if it’s just one sentence, you can kiss goodbye to your face.”

Wu Wenqian’s feet were swollen after being stepped on by Zhong Nuannuan, and her face had also been slapped by Zhong Nuannuan. She was in so much pain that she almost collapsed, and now, when faced with Zhong Nuannuan’s warning, she shrank in fright and no longer dared to say anything.

Selina sneered. “Climbing onto beds, that’s something that only a woman that cannot be brought to the table like Zhong Qianqian would do. So what if she is engaged? She’s just a vassal for the young master of a small rich family. Is something like this even worth showing off?”

Zhong Qianqian got up angrily. She still looked like a willow branch trembling in the wind, which was the signature action that she learned from Ye Mengxi. However, Ye Mengxi was very skinny, while she was slightly more robust, so this felt a little hurtful.

“I’ve never shown this off. My classmates only know about this because my fianc proposed to me in public. However, now that you’ve said it, I want to tell you that yes, I am the future young wife of the Gu Family, and I do have the capital to show off, unlike a vulgar person like you. Wu Wenqian is right, even if a woman like you kneels and licks my fianc’s toes, he won’t take a single glance at you! Also, I advise you not to use your fists anymore, if you dare to do it again, I’ll have my fianc send someone to arrest you immediately!”

Although Zhong Qianqian was tense, there was still a hint of fear in her gaze, seemingly afraid that Selina would beat her like she did Wu Wenqian.

Unexpectedly, Selina flashed her an evil smile. “Emperor District’s Gu Family, right? Tell me If you find out that the Gu Family has been destroyed by me when you marry into the Gu Family, will your fianc and in-laws still spoil you?”

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes widened, and a look of shock flashed through her eyes, but she immediately recovered her nerve and sneered. “You know what? You’re a good sister to Zhong Nuannuan, since you’re both country bumpkins. If a person like you can lay your hands on the Emperor District’s Gu Family, I’ll live-stream myself eating poop!”

Selina, ‘I want to watch!’

Zhong Nuannuan, ‘I want to watch too!’

This battle of words ended with Zhong Qianqian’s narrow victory.

However, this was simply what Zhong Qianqian thought.

On the other hand, Selina and Zhong Nuannuan were already prepared to watch her live broadcast.

Zhong Nuannuan’s cell phone vibrated when class started, and when she turned it on to have a look at it, she saw that it was from Selina.

[Big boss, I want to watch that wretched Qian eating poop on livestream!]

Zhong Nuannuan replied. [Approved.]

Selina: [Love you, love you, love you!]

“What’s Selina’s background?” Leng Qirui asked as he approached Zhong Nuannuan.

“She’s from overseas.”

Leng Qirui asked, “What kind of overseas background?”

“I came from the mountainous areas. How would I know what her background is?”

“But she even calls you big boss. How did you get to know her?”

“She was bitten by a poisonous snake in our village, and I saved her life.” Zhong Nuannuan lied without batting an eyelid.

“No wonder she’s so nice to you.” After thinking about it, he recalled that he also had a good relationship with Zhong Nuannuan because he was rescued by Zhong Nuannuan. The relationship of life-saving grace was indeed different from ordinary relationships. In this regard, he and Selina did have a common language.

After school, under Leng Qirui’s invitation, Zhong Nuannuan invited the three students in her dormitory to have dinner together.

They found Selina already waiting at the door. Hence, the group of six went to eat happily.