My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Striking Up A Conversation

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Zhong Nuannuan liked to eat crayfish, so Leng Qirui chose a restaurant that specialized in crayfish.

“Junior Mu, what a coincidence that I actually met you here!”

As soon as everyone sat down, a person stood beside Mu Qingxuan.

Mu Qingxuan was slightly puzzled. “Who are you?”

The visitor laughed gently, with a sincere smile on his elegant and handsome face. It was the easiest to impress ignorant girls with a smile like this, but this kind of smile made Zhong Nuannuan frown, as Selina also raised her brow slightly.

This was because their elder brother, Feng Shengxuan, was an elegant, handsome, and exquisite man who had an evil charm.

Such a man appeared to be easy to talk to and approach, but was often the most dangerous breed of all. Even Selina often felt nervous when interacting with him.

If Big Boss and Feng Shengxuan did not share a good relationship, she, Aiden and Dan Qi would definitely not have teamed up with him when the organization was destroyed in the start.

“I’m a sophomore studying computer science in the university department, my name is Ling Xuyao. I saw your painting at the school exhibition that day, and I think that you painted very well, so I paid attention to you. I was thinking about when I should come over to the senior high department to discuss painting with Junior Mu, but I unexpectedly met you here, so I took the opportunity to come over and say hello.”

Taking a look at Zhong Nuannuan’s party, Ling Xuyao continued to smile and asked, “Can I sit down and have a meal with you?”

“I don’t know you.” Mu Qingxuan looked dazed. She did not even know him, so how could she allow him to sit down?

Ling Xuyao was a little embarrassed, after all, he was considered the most handsome man in the computer science department. Although he could not compare himself to the school hunk, Leng Qirui, in terms of appearance, he could definitely capture the heart of a young, artistic girl like Mu Qingxuan.

“I know that you’re not familiar with me, but every relationship starts with unfamiliarity. I really like painting, and I admire you for your skills, so I want to make friends with you, is that okay?”

Ling Xuyao spoke very lightly. Although he was annoying, with his temperament, people were unable to simply dismiss him as a fly.

Mu Qingxuan did not hate the man in front of her, so she looked toward Young Master Leng. After all, Young Master Leng was the one who had invited them to dinner today, and they were all his guests.

Leng Qirui did not care, so he looked toward Zhong Nuannuan.

Seeing that Mu Qingxuan and Leng Qirui had no objection, Leng Xuyao was already about to sit down, but Zhong Nuannuan refused him mercilessly. “If you admire her, you can look for her in school and ask her out for dinner. However, we’re having a private gathering now, so don’t you think that it’d be very inconvenient for us, as a group of people who are very familiar with each other, to entertain an outsider like you?”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words made Ling Xuyao feel very embarrassed.

He was a scholarship student from the university department and had no money. Where would he get the money to treat Mu Qingxuan to dinner?

He felt that Zhong Nuannuan was slapping him in the face.

In reality, Zhong Nuannuan was indeed hitting him in the face.

Mu Qingxuan had married Ling Xuyao in her previous life, but not only did he not cherish her, he even engaged in an extramarital affair behind Mu Qingxuan’s back. In the end, when Mu Qingxuan went to catch them in the act, he colluded with his mistress to push her off the roof, causing her to fall to her death.

Coincidentally, she was helping Feng Shengxuan to kill someone at the time, and witnessed this scene.

However, because she wanted to kill someone there, she had hacked into all the security cameras. Thus, the Mu Family never found the murderer, and were also deceived by Ling Xuyao, the sanctimonious hypocrite.