My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Male White Lotus

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Mu Qingxuan was not her friend in her previous life, and there were no interactions between them, so she did not help her. However, in this life, they were friends and roommates, so she would not allow hypocrites like Ling Xuyao to approach Mu Qingxuan.

Obviously, a person like Ling Xuyao, who wanted to rely on women for financial support, must have found out about Mu Qingxuan’s identity from somewhere, and thus came over to hook up with her.

Mu Qingxuan felt that Zhong Nuannuan was quite right, so she smiled apologetically. “Sorry, Senior, it’s not convenient for us.”

Ling Xuyao was upset, but he did not show it on his face, and he smiled gently. “It’s nothing, it’s me who has been a bother. I’ll treat all of you to a meal next time if I have the chance.”

After saying that, he nodded politely at everyone, then walked out.

“Nuannuan, have you had any bad encounters with him?”

Gu Xiaoli could not help asking when Ling Xuyao left.


“If you haven’t had any bad encounters with him, why didn’t you let Qingxuan get to know that senior? Don’t you think that senior is very handsome?” Yan Fangfang could not help but pipe up as well.

When Yan Fangfang said this, Gu Xiaoli had already searched the school network using her cell phone, quickly finding Ling Xuyao.

“Wow! The first place and department hunk of the computer science department. He’s good at drawing and can speak three languages. He’s so outstanding! Unfortunately, he’s a poor student like me. However, Qingxuan, your family conditions are quite good, so you probably won’t care about the other party’s status, right?”

“Richness and poorness can be ignored, but if his character is not good, then it won’t work.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words startled the group.

“How is he a bad person?” Yan Fangfang could not help but ask.

“This person has quietly followed us all the way here. Didn’t you guys realize?” Selina pouted. “I watched so try to see why he was following us, and it turns out he wanted to fake a chance encounter. This is an old-fashioned way of picking up girls.”


The friends were speechless. How did they not realize this?

“Qingxuan, what place did you get in this painting competition?”

“Third place.”

“Turn your head around and look at the table next us, do you know the third person from the left?”

Only then did Mu Qingxuan widen her eyes. “He’s the winner of the painting competition. His name is Qing Yue, I heard that he has won international awards before. He belongs to a family of painters.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

The reason why she knew this person called Qing Yue was great at drawing was because he would become a well-known painter in the country in the near future. She happened to see him in an interview after he became famous. Qing Yue said at the time that he had participated in countless competitions when he was in university, and that the school also paid great attention to his paintings.

Therefore, since Mu Qingxuan participated in the painting competition, it made no sense that Qing Yue would not participate as well.

Seeing Qing Yue in person, Mu Qingxuan immediately fell silent.

Yan Fangfang still did not understand. “What does this have to do with Ling Xuyao?”

Gu Xiaoli knocked her head and said, “Stupid! If Ling Xuyao really liked painting that much, then the person he should follow and meet by chance should be Qing Yue, not Qingxuan. However, he came to discuss painting with Qingxuan in the form of a chance encounter, so this shows that he simply wanted to hook up with our Qingxuan.”

Yan Fangfang still could not understand. “Beautiful girls are a gentleman’s desire, and Qingxuan is also a beauty, isn’t it normal to be admired by others? Can’t we give him a chance?”