My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Scary

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“He was clearly trailing us, but pretended to meet us by chance. He clearly liked Qingxuan, but made the excuse of being interested in painting. Although these deceptive remarks are harmless, coupled with his extremely sincere-looking appearance Don’t you think this man is terribly fake?

“It’s said that a dog that bites doesn’t bark, and a barking dog seldom bites. This Ling Xuyao gives people a sense of spring breeze-like comfort at first glance, and it’s very easy to make people comfortable around him and let down their guard, but he’s a very good liar. If Qingxuan gets together with a person like this, she will be chewed so much that she would not even have any bones left!”

Gu Xiaoli’s analysis was spot on. Zhong Nuannuan nodded and said to Yan Fangfang, “Learn a little bit and pay a bit more attention.”

Yan Fangfang was lost for words.

Ling Xuyao’s matter was just a short episode to everyone.

For Mu Qingxuan, such a thing was even more impossible.

If she really met someone suitable in the past, she might have considered.

However, now…

Ever since she had met Ning Wenhao at Nuannuan’s house that day, Mu Qingxuan’s heart was been fixated on him.

Although they have not seen each other for a very, very long time, she was still certain that this person was Big Brother Ye.

After eating, the few girls from the dormitory looked at Zhong Nuannuan. “Nuannuan, your Big Brother Chi Yang is not around today, will you be sleeping in the dormitory or going back to your love nest?”

“You girls can go back to the dormitory. I’ll just go back to the apartment.”

Gu Xiaoli shook her head. “You can really be reckless when you’re rich! You’ve applied for school accommodation, but you’ve never slept in school for even a day. It feels like we’re actually fake roommates.”

“I go back to the dormitory at noon every day to read books in bed.”

Gu Xiaoli, Yan Fangfang and Mu Qingxuan were at a loss for words.

After sending away the three dormitory girls, Selina looked at Leng Qirui, who was following them, and had not yet left. “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Leng Qirui looked at Selina blankly. “Why should I leave?”

“I haven’t seen my big boss for a very long time, and I want to talk to her alone for a while. Go back to wherever you came from!”

Leng Qirui was speechless.

He felt that he was like a lion at the school in the pasteveryone had to listen to him and tolerate him. However, ever since Zhong Nuannuan, the T-Rex had appeared, other carnivorous dinosaurs have appeared one after another, while he, the lion king, could only lay aside submissively.

It was enough to be subservient towards Zhong Nuannuan, Chi Yang and Ning Wenhao, but even a small white rabbit that came out of nowhere was pulling a long face at him now just because of her good relationship with the T-Rex.

Where was his dignity as the school bully?

“I made an appointment with Zhong Nuannuan first tonight, why should I have to listen to you now? Quickly piss off. Since you’re also a student of Jia Yong now, make an appointment with her yourself if you want to meet her in the future. Why do you want to take up my time?”

Selina looked at Leng Qirui. “I heard some gossip saying that you were rejected when you confessed to my big boss in public. Is it possible that you’re still prepared to continue fighting for her even after knowing that you have a strong love rival?”

Originally, Leng Qirui had basically given up on this. In reality, his reason for insistently inviting Zhong Nuannuan to dinner today was actually to take her as his teacher, and to ask her to teach him some kung fu punches and kicks.

However, after he was agitated by Selina, Leng Qirui immediately rebuked fiercely, “What’s wrong with continuing to fight? She’s not married yet, so why can’t I pursue her?”

“You’d better not pursue me, it’s useless. I’ll only like my Big Brother Chi Yang for the rest of my life, and that won’t change.”