My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Entering The Woods

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After Zhong Nuannuan’s follow up blow, Selina laughed loudly.


Leng Qirui did not dare to do anything to Zhong Nuannuan, but it did not mean that he was going to put up with Selina.

“Sh*t, what are you laughing at! If you laugh any longer, I’ll hit you! I’m not a gentleman who doesn’t hit women!”

As she stared at Leng Qirui’s handsome face, she could not tell if his blushing was due to shyness or annoyance. In any case, Selina felt a joyful sense of success from flirting with beautiful men.

To be honest, Little Brother Leng Qirui was really handsome and cute!

Zhong Nuannuan watched Selina staring at Leng Qirui as if he was her prey, and she felt a chill run down her spine. She silently lit a candle for this big brother in her heart.

Selina smiled, clearly thinking that the other party was cute, yet still could not help but tease, “Oh my, I’m so scared! It looks like you really want to speak to my big boss alone.”

Leng Qirui gave Selina a look that seemed to mean “Nonsense”.

Selina was not angry, and she continued smiling as she said, “I’ll give you one chance to fight me, if can defeat me, I’ll pass my big boss over to you tonight, okay? Not just tonight, if you ever make an appointment with my big boss in the future, I won’t follow if you don’t want me to.”

“Okay! If that’s your offer!” Leng Qirui agreed without thinking.

Seeing classmate Leng self-assured of his victory, Zhong Nuannuan wanted to face palm.

Could he stop being so naive?

Could he stop simply blowing up like a firecracker?

“Big Boss, wait for me here, I’m going to test my skills against classmate Leng Qirui.”

Leng Qirui looked at the eager Selina, and said to Zhong Nuannuan, “First of all, she was the one who issued the challenge, if I beat her to tears later, don’t blame me!”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled gently. “How could I! For Uncle Leng’s sake, I won’t blame you.”

It was rare for the T-Rex to show a gentle smile to him, and this stunned Leng Qirui a little. Before he returned to his senses, Selina had already dragged the back of his collar into the small forest nearby.

Zhong Nuannuan walked to the far corner of the wall, then turned around and walked in.

Yang Yi was frowning and fiddling with his phone in the alley. When he suddenly saw Zhong Nuannuan appearing in front of him, he had a big shock.

Although he did not deliberately hide his whereabouts, with his skills, it was easy to hide from students like Zhong Nuannuan.

He looked at Zhong Nuannuan with astonishment; he had even been completely unaware of her approach until her appearance right in front of him. Yang Yi’s mouth gaped, clearly stunned speechless.

As a result, Zhong Nuannuan spoke first.

“I see that you’re a little preoccupied today, did something happen?”

She knew that Chi Yang had secretly trained a group of people, and these people only obeyed him. Yang Yi was probably one of these people.

He would also take part in the country’s affairs, but would only obey Chi Yang’s orders, and was not part of the nation’s military. Therefore, for Yang Yi, apart from emotional matters, everything that bothered him should be related to Chi Yang.

Chi Yang went out to execute his mission today, and she had no clue about what the mission was, or where he was going to carry it out.

Moreover, her heart had been uneasy since morning, which made her feel very annoyed and gave her bad premonitions. Thus, she could not help but ask when she saw Yang Yi like this.

Yang Yi was even more dumbfounded after hearing what Zhong Nuannuan said.

Not only had his whereabouts been discovered by Zhong Nuannuan, but Zhong Nuannuan, who had never even glanced at him before, knew that he was not himself today!